Kunstwechsel 2.0, Siegen, Germany, November 27 – December 31, 2020

Kunstwechsel 2.0

Kunstwechsel: November 27 – 29, 2020
Online Exhibition: November 27 – December 31, 2020

Thomas Kellner – The wave
Room 14

Kathrin Blanke, Markus Deutrich , Marvi Diek, Edwin Emmens, Andrea Freiberg, Sören Frickenhaus, Simone Fröhler, Thomas Greiner, Nicole Heidel, Henner VDM, Ellen Huijsmans, Magdalena Ising, Vera Keitmeier, Thomas Kellner & Co, Mustafa Kizilcay, Christof Knapp, Jürgen Königs, Silke Krah, Gerlinde Liebing, Jessica Malchow, Nikolai Marcinowski, Daniela Marquardt, Victor Jimenez Mesa, Lena Mösko, Gofi Müller, Nina Nöther, Bodo Nolte, Raketenkollektiv, Jule Sammartino, Markus Schon, Martin Steiner, Thomas Volkmann, Michael Wagener, Johanna Winkelgrund

"He takes up the current of documentary photography [...]. Dancing, rocking and swinging, his depicted objects move and break with what has been seen so far". Marina Knötzinger

Despite all the world upheaval, this year there will be Kunstwechsel again. Kunstwechsel is an art project that has taken place once a year in Siegen since 1998 at ever-changing locations: an art market with music, film, literature and more. For one weekend, artists show their work embedded in a supporting programme. In the past, empty buildings have been revived in this way: sometimes it was the former Landeszentralbank, sometimes an empty department stores', sometimes an old school building. It was always exciting and always well and gladly visited.
This year, we have found a suitable location and will take you into the virtual cosmos together with you. Kunstwechsel becomes digital.

Thanks to the Team of Kunstwechsel for participating at this online exhibition.