Current fine art at Kunstverein Rosenheim

About this fine art exhibition in Rosenheim

KUNST AKTUELL is an exhibition of current, contemporary art curated by the Kunstverein Rosenheim. It is presented annually at the Städtische Galerie Rosenheim.
The jury has been Michael Bednarik, Bernhard Paul, Melanie Siegel, Hannes Stellner, Martin Weiand. They selected 72 artistic positions with 100 works for participation. Selection was made from an oversized number of applications from all over Germany this year.
Both regional and national artists are represented in the exhibition - established artistic positions as well as young, qualified new discoveries.
The thematic diversity of the works shown in the media of painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, object and sculpture allows the potential of current art to be experienced by virtue of their artistic quality, and the exhibition proves once again that art stands for the freedom of the spirit and the multiplicity of possibilities - ultimately an expression of democracy.
Through the accompanying program of art mediation, both those interested in art and those "unaccustomed to art" are to be brought closer to works of art in an interdisciplinary way, leading to a self-determined experience of art.

The Kunstverein Rosenheim will award an art prize of 3,000 euros for a particularly outstanding artistic position in the exhibition, donated by the following companies/individuals:
Anita Dr. Helbig GmbH / Schwadke Büroeinrichtungen Planungs- und Einrichtungs-GmbH
GRWS Wohnungsbau- und Sanierungsgesellschaft der Stadt Rosenheim mbH (housing construction and redevelopment company of the city of Rosenheim)
Kugler Lutz Multrus Fricke Attorneys-at-Law Partnership Company
Irmi and Wolfgang von Wartburg / Books Johann, owner Johannes Struck
Auerbräu GmbH Rosenheim / TM Börsenverlag AG / Dagmar Dieterle

The exhibition is accompanied by a color catalog

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Information about this exhibition

Kunst Aktuell
July 4 – August 8, 2021

Participating artists: Felix Baxmann, Michael Bednarik, Joram von Below, Isa Dahl, Christoph Drexler, Robert Dufter, Tanja Fender, Michael Feuchtmeir, Rudolf Finisterre, Geraldine Frisch, Martl Fritzsche, Xenia Fumbarev, Helmut Geierstanger, Bettina Gorn, Patrik Graf, Nicola Hanke, Christian Heß, Georg Hornung, Ömer Faruk Kaplan, Thomas Kellner, Mark Killian, Christina Kirchinger, Julia Klemm, Inge Kurtz, Etienne Lafrance, Mariola Laschet, Ute Lechner, Christine Lindenmüller, Nikodemus Löffl. Birgit Lu Mazen, Martina Mair, Manfred Mayerle, Elisabeth Mehrl, Tom Messavilla, Moritz Moll, Eileen O'Rourke, Beate Oehmann, Friederike Oeser, Yoko Omomi, Sigrid Pahlitzsch, Gihyun Park, Bernhard Paul, Peter Pohl, Gerhard Prokop, Andreas Pytlik, Alfred Regnat, Inge Regnat-Ulner, Peter Reill, Monika Reinhart, Stefanie Reiter, Manuel Rumpf, Heike Schaefer, Johanna Schelle, Christian Schied, Asja Schubert, Melanie Siegel, Jeehye Song, Kirk Sora, Toni Stegmayer, Hannes Stellner, Keiyona C. Stumpf, Doris Titze, Andrea M. Varesco, Heinz-Martin Weiand, Peter Weigel, Ingrid Wieser-Kil, Matthias Wohlgenannt, Almut Wöhrle-Russ, Rudolf Wolfbeisser, Sarah Zagefka, Elke Zauner, Esther Zellmer


Kunstverein Rosenheim e.V.

Klepperstrasse 19
DE 83026 Rosenheim
+49 8031 12166

Thank you

Thank you to the whole team and the jury of Kunstverein Rosenheim for this continued effort to show contemporary art on such a level in Rosenheim

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