Kuenstlerische Positionen am IKF seit 1980, KIZ, Kultur im Zentrum, Giessen, Germany, June 25 – August 2, 2020

Kuenstlerische Positionen am IKF seit 1980
June 25 – August 2, 2020
KIZ, Kultur im Zentrum, Giessen, Germany

participating artists: Herwig Sepp Thiele, Hans Günter Dienst, Walter Flögel, Eckhad Kremers, Stanislaw Fijalkowski, Axel von Criegern, F.K. Waechter, Peter Telljohann, Norbert Cloß, Stefan Pietryga, Isolde Wawrin, Anja Mohr, Eva-Maria Schön, Johanna Staniczek, Thomas Kellner, Klaus Schneider, Günther Hermann, Lucie Beppler, Klaus Werner, Marc Fritzsche, Carl-Pter Buschkühle, Wolfgang Sautermeister, Sylvia Matzke, Philipp Hennevogl, Ingke Günther, Jörg Wagner, Jette Flügge, Gerhard Hoeme


KIZ – Kultur im Zentrum
Berliner Platz 1
35390 Gießen, Germany
+49 641 306?2019

opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday 10am–5pm

“Reconstructive Iconographer” Skinner, P., Thomas Kellner. Reconstructive iconographer. In: Rangefinder, October 2005, 2005, pages 100,112,118-119

After the corona-related break, the KiZ opens its doors to visitors again in June. The students of the project seminar “Artistic Positions at the IfK since 1980” at the Institute for Art Education at the University of Gießen cordially invite you to do so. Visitors can expect the exhibition of the same name, mostly with two-dimensional works from 40 years of the institute's history. Almost 30 artists are represented, some of whom have had a significant influence on the design theory at the institute. All works come from the collection of Anne and Dr. Gerd Steinmüller.

Thank you to Gerd and Anne for including me in their collection.