hier und anderswo

hier und anderswo (here and elsewhere)

hier und anderswo (here and elsewhere)
May 22 – June 17, 2012
Staedtische Galerie Haus Seel, Siegen, Germany

Here and Elsewhere - 90 Years of ASK, Anniversary Exhibition: May 22 – June 17, 2012

Participating artists:

Marc Baruth, Benno Derda, Jochen Dietrich, Mirjam Elburn, Andrea Freiberg, Pee Groos, Renate Hahn, Guenter Haehner, Magret Judt, Thomas Kellner, Dago Koblenzer, Kai-Uwe Koerner, Silke Krah, Sigrid Mertin, Petra Oberhaeuser, Bruno Obermann, Matthias Reith, Helmut Riekel, Ingo Schultze-Schnabl, Gabriele Schulz, Olaf-Neopan Schwanke, Helga Seekamp, Susanne Skalski

City Arts Gallery House Seel, Siegen
Here and elsewhere - 90 years ASK, jubilee exhibition
City Arts Gallery House Seel, and KrönchenCenter, Siegen
Opening: MAy 22, 2012 at 8 pm
Welcome: Steffen Mues, Mayor of the City of Siegen
Introduction: Kai-Uwe Körner, Chairman of the ASK
City Arts Gallery House Seel, Kornmarkt 20, Siegen

Art is ...

Just in time for the anniversary exhibition "Here and elsewhere - 90 years ASK", vernissage on Tuesday, May 22 at 20.00 in the gallery of the city of Siegen, the working group presents its new catalog.

Work by 22 artists

One current work from each of 22 members is shown. Also, the catalog is designed through its layout, designed by Marc Baruth, the presentation of the artistic works will be significant beyond this year. Biographical data of the participants was deliberately omitted. Thus, within the catalog, each artist has commented on the question "What does working with art mean to you?" or given a short, personal statement on "Art is ...". These very different approaches and perspectives are printed with each artist's work. The current works can be seen from Tuesday on in the premises of the municipal gallery.

Catalog for sale and support

The catalog is sold for € 24.80 and is available from May 22 at House Seel or at the bookstore in the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Finissage June 17, 2012

Thanks are due for the significant support of the exhibition and catalog:

90 years working group of Siegerland artists, Siegener Zeitung Saturday May 19, 2012

The ASK and "Art is ..."

Siegen. With a new catalog, 22 active members of the ASK introduce themselves.

gmz - For 90 years, the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Siegerländer Künstlerinnen und Künstler (ASK) exists, which "celebrates" this birthday with two exhibitions and a catalog (we reported). 22 members of the ASK have formulated their definition of art for the catalog coherently, calmly and at the same time smartly laid out by Marc Baruth, starting from the question "Art is ...", and have "proved" their very personal thesis with a work. The result is a "reading book on art," as Thomas Kellner, who had the idea for the catalog, puts it.

First ASK hardcover volume

In addition to the art quotations, the hardcover catalog with dust jacket printed in Haus Vorländer, which presents the concise terms from the art definitions like a parade of assembled "(an-)irritant words," contains an introductory text describing the development of the ASK over the past ten years (since the last catalog). The printing of the catalog was made possible in part by the support of RWE. Frank Schwermer, head of RWE's Sieg Regional Center, who together with Kai-Uwe Körner forms the ASK leadership, emphasized during the presentation to the press how important it is, even for supra-regional, internationally active companies, to develop new perspectives through exchange with artists and to learn new ways of seeing things. Kai-Uwe Körner emphasized that this also applies to ASK. According to Thomas Kellner, with the catalog the ASK offers its members the very important possibility of publication, i.e. the presentation of their own work, which also has an external effect.

Artists answer the question "What is art?"

This catalog, for example, is sent to the partners of the local cities and communities, as an artistic business card of the group and the individual artists. At the same time, says Kai-Uwe Körner, the question "What is art?" has obliged the individual to take stock, because the clear definition of one's own work requires a clarification of positions, which is necessary after ten years and the last catalog, which focused on the relationship between the artist and the work of art. The results can be read in the catalog and viewed in the exhibition, which will be launched on Tuesday, May 22, 6:30 p.m., with a lecture by Kirsten Schwarz on the history of ASK (in the Krönchen Center). At 8 p.m. the exhibition of the current artists will be opened in Haus Seel.