Die Galerie Vrais Reves macht Ihre Haus-Messe

La Galerie Fait Sa Foire Voir, Revoir, Avoir

La Galerie Fait Sa Foire Voir, Revoir, Avoir

La galerie fait sa foire ... à Lyon
November 26 - December 24, 2016
Galerie Vrais Reves, Lyon, France

participating artists: Laurent Camut, Jean-Claude Gautrand, Marc Le Mene, Willy Del Zoppo, Krzysztof Pruszkowski, Vasco Ascolini, Yannig Hedel, Marc Peverelli, Gabor Kerekes, Wiktor Nowotka, Leszek Wesolowski, Jo Brunenberg, Jan Saudek, Danilo Sartoni, Philippe-Liev Pourcelot, Michel Medinger, Marielsa Niels (Invité), Ymy Nigris (Invité), Bernard Lanteri, Valérie Legembre, Lenni Van Dinther, Luc Ewen, Michael Michlmayr, Thomas Kellner, Bénédicte Reverchon, P. Albajar / A. Altarriba, Marie-France Lejeune, Alain Herveou, Laurent Camut, Pascal Mirande, Michel Brunier, Irina Ionesco, Marlo Broekmans, Hélène Martiat, Jean-Baptiste Carhaix, Yvonne Vaar



La Galerie Fait Sa Foire Voir, Revoir, Avoir

„A sort of managed coincidence then also gives room for play within the various versions of the one large subject. In this respect, one could consider the process of making an image a type of art performance, ...“ Kneppe, J. Kontakt Kellner, Thomas 2014, Seltmann+Söhne Berlin/Siegen, page 38

La Galerie Fait Sa Foire Voir, Revoir, Avoir

La Galerie Fait Sa Foire
Voir, Revoir, Avoir ?
Tthese simple words - offered by one of the gallery's artists - perfectly illustrate the concept of gallery presentation and operation. As art mediators between artist and public, galleries show and promote artists' work, encouraging encounters that can ultimately lead to purchases. Without doubt, the gallery is the place to "SEE". However, as every gallery knows, it is often difficult for a potential buyer to give in to the temptation to buy or own a work of art on first encounter. The economic reason may not be the only one involved. In fact, the eye is refined over time, and our thinking and perception of things evolve according to fashion, encounters, readings, etc... It is therefore essential to be able to "REVISIT" works of art if they are to live on. It's worth noting that, once the artist or gallery has sold their work, museums and art institutions also ensure that the work continues to be shown... Since the gallery was founded (1980), we have presented a great many exhibitions. In the vast majority of cases, the artists have left the works with us, in order to continue selling their photographs, and also to respond to requests from event organizers

Galerie VRAIS RÊVES - tel : +33 (0)6 08 06 94 34 - <galerie@vraisreves.com> - www.vraisreves.com

events, for "hors-murs" exhibitions. However, these works belong to them, and it's our duty to bring them to life as best we can, enabling those who follow us to SEE them, and then, months or years later, to SEE them AGAIN. With this in mind, we have decided to organize a very special presentation within our walls once a year, closer to the spirit of a "fair" than to a traditional exhibition. "La Galerie Fait Sa Foire", in Lyon... enables us to highlight the work of many of the gallery's permanent artists, and also, occasionally, to invite one or more artists to present a specific piece of work which, at a recent meeting, particularly interested us. In this way, visitors can "See" new works and "Revisit" those they have had the opportunity to see in exhibitions. On average, and thanks to the transformation of the gallery with tables and display units at the bottom of the walls, there are still over 30 artists and more than 500 photographs directly accessible. Visitors are generally astonished, and they can be, because it's a challenge for the gallery's management to ensure this kind of display every year.

Then there's the last word in the title, "AVOIR? It's true that the period chosen for the Fair is that of New Year's gifts, of presents... so it's essentially November-December, a very propitious time for purchasing works of art. Many art fairs in France concentrate on these two months, offering a wide range of works. In a modest way, this is what we're trying to create in the gallery. This form of "fair" display, offering visitors a very wide choice, is very much appreciated by them. Our availability and advice on the works and artists we know well reassure buyers. This close relationship allows us to say that purchases are generally more important than in a conventional exhibition. In principle, this is a good time for us to have sufficient funds at our disposal to continue promoting photography and its artists.
Galerie Vrais Rêves - 11 / 2016

Thank you

Thank you to Raymond Viallon and to Rémy Mathieu, for including my work in this show at the end of the year.