Be My Guest

As part of his exhibition series Be my Guest, Robert Ciuraj invites photo artist Thomas Kellner to his studio in Düren.

The exhibition shows works from Kellner's Black & White series. He thus joins a large number of guest artists who have been allowed to present their art in Ciuraj's studio in the event, which has been taking place for over 20 years.

Düren-based artist Robert Ciuraj creates abstract metal sculptures from scrap iron and steel of all shapes. Now a freelance artist, he has worked as a teacher for a long time, but was also active artistically during his profession. He completed his first self-taught studies in 1986, followed by a studio workshop in Liblar in 1980, with which he moved to Düren five years later.

Thomas Kellner's photographic art changes the object of the image and questions what we see. He has been active as an artist and curator of photographic exhibition projects in Siegen since 1966, but travels more frequently around the world for his projects. There you can also find his works in important public and private collections. The administrative district of Düren also honored Kellner with an art prize in 2009.

The exhibition in will be accompanied by musical-lyrical intermezzi  by Peter and Elia Bernards.

“Kellner’s contact sheets give bodily form to our scattered, animated and animating act of viewing.  In doing so, they reclaim the individual’s central position to the formation of image and building alike.” Pappas, Allison, Houston, we've had a problem! Kellner, Thomas, 2013, Seltmann+Söhne Berlin/Siegen, page 33

Be my Guest
October 3, 2021
Studio Robert Ciuraj, Düren, Germany

Participating artists: Robert Ciuraj, Thomas Kellner

Studio Robert Ciuraj, Düren, Germany
Alte Jülicher Straße 107
53253 Düren, Germany

Opening hours: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

+49 2421 43488

Thank you

Thank you to my longtime colleague Robert for this great invitation and collaboration!