BBK quergesponnen, Essen, May 2011


6. - 29.5. 2011
Scheidt'sche Hallen Essen

Wollboden, Kreativ.Quartier Scheidt'sche Hallen, Ringstraße 51 (entrance: Bachstraße 40), 45219 Essen-Kettwig
Vernissage: Friday, May 6 at 7 pm
Welcome: Heinz Schnetger, Managing Director Grundstücksgesellschaft Kettwig mbH & Co. KG
Introduction: Karl-Ulrich Peisker, Member of the Board of the BBK Landesverband NRW
Guided tours will take place on May 21, the nationwide "Culture" action day.

A project of the Bundesverband Bildender Künstler Westfalen e.V. (bbk) in the Kreativ.Quartier Scheidt'sche Hallen,45219 Essen-Kettwig, Bachstraße 40, May 6 to 29, 2011, Vernissage: Friday, May 6, 2011, 7 p.m.

The exhibition venue, the historic rooms of the former cloth factory and worsted spinning mill, which have been left in their original state, and the subject matter, which offers many possibilities for articulation in terms of both content and form, met with overwhelming interest from the artists during the site visit. After reviewing the applications submitted, around 200 works by 60 participants will be shown.

A visit to the exhibition will be a journey of discovery across three levels, including the former wool floor, laundry, spinning mill, dye works and lisseuse. Paintings, graphics, photography, sculptures, objects and large-scale installations address the individual spatial situations in all their diversity. The artists' respective definitions of reality and their creative implementation result in a wide variety of individual interpretations of the "cross-spun" theme.

On the one hand, there is the reference to the former use of the building ensemble. In a figurative sense, however, this "cross-spinning" has to do above all with the divergent thinking that has always inspired artists and led to new forms of vision and representation and can also be seen here.

The Bundesverband Bildender Künstler Westfalen, the large supra-regional artists' association (over 230 members), which also includes artists in the Rhineland part of the Ruhr region and members of local artists' associations, is continuing the sustainable and networked cultural work practiced during the Capital of Culture with this project.

Exhibitors: Ander, Marlies Backhaus, Brigitte Bailer, Michael Becker, Evi Binzinger, Mathilde Budde, Viktor Cleve, Richard Cox, Gisela Diste, Petra Eckardt, Jutta Engelage, Margareta Eppendorf, Bernd Figgemeier, Uwe Gegenmantel, Andrea Goralski, Peter Michael Hasse, Peter Helmke, HelmkeKottkamp AG, Ilse Hilpert, Henriette Höfer, Monika Jährig, Karin Jessen, Manfred Jockheck, Manfred Kassner, Thomas Kellner, Anke KnokeKahner, Peter Kosch, Annette Kögel, Helmut Kottkamp, Anna Leontiew, Brigitte Loeper, Erwin Löhr, Rolf Löhrmann, Renate Meinardus, Michel M, MoszykRybarsch AG, Wolfgang Mössing, Klaus Nixdorf, Thomas Ohm, Monika Ortmann, Ulrike Ostermann, Brian Parker, Karl-Ulrich Peisker, Roswitha Petry-Hammann, Eddy Pinke, Anschi Pohlmann, Erika Pütthoff Glinka, Gabriele Püttmann, H. R. Rey, Germaine Richter, Evelyn Roepke, Norbert Rumpke, Dagmar Rust, Ursula Sewing, Elisabeth Stevens, Vladimir Terechine (V. Tibo), Doris Trzaska, Udo Unkel, Christoph Werdelmann, Renate Wilmanns