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Thomas Kellner – "works on architecture 1994-2005"

From Pinhole to proof sheet
In the past 10 years Thomas Kellner has made a name for himself worldwide with his current works on monuments and has set a trademark. In addition to the well-known works, which in the past 2 years consisted mainly of night shots (NewYork, LasVegas, London, Rome and Athens), the ArtGalerie is showing other important series by the Siegen-based photo artist. The exhibition shows that Kellner always finds a new approach and in over 10 years has developed an exciting ouvre in the field of architectural photography.
In addition to the night shots already mentioned, the ArtGalerie is showing for the first time a small version of his first series on architecture from the "Diario Veneziano". At that time Thomas Kellner, still as a student, went to Venice with a field trip of the University of Siegen, where he created an extensive series in vertical and horizontal panoramas about this city on his daily walks through the city. When an exhibition of these works was planned in 2000, he first created a small special edition, which to this day, along with a few large-scale enlargements, are the only visible results of this extensive project.

In 1995, half a year later, the Belgians left the tank area on Fischbacher Berg, leaving behind a devastated barracks landscape, where today horses graze between the barracks. At that time, many people from Siegen were drawn behind the fences to explore the area. Thomas Kellner also stalked the grounds for a day in a forbidden manner and portrayed what remained. He has now compiled a selection of these works especially for the exhibition in Siegen and is presenting them for the first time ever.
In 2004, Kellner hardly noticed, he presented a new project in Giessen under the title "facades". The core of the presentation in 2004 was a covering of the residence of the Kunstverein in Giessen, a former kiosk. In addition to this installation, however, a whole series of photographs and edits had been created, depicting the dissolution of our environment into pixels.
The ArtGalerie will be the first in Germany to show the entire project of the Genoese palaces, which Kellner recorded in the summer of 2005 using his well-known technique. For the first time it is not the outer appearance of the building, but slowly the way into the interior of the shining palaces that Thomas Kellner shows here.

Shows abroad
Thomas Kellner will be present at the opening before flying on to his openings in Los Angeles (Jan. 12, 2006), Chicago (Chicago April 6) and New York (April 12, 2006).
There the exhibition "Tango Metropolis" is still touring at the moment, supplemented with newer works, which was shown in Siegen in spring 2004 and will also go to Stuttgart in summer.
For the exhibition "Tango Metropolis" there is a catalog of Galleri Image from Denmark and the Genoese palaces are illustrated in the catalog "Scatti Europei".


Thomas Kellner –works on architecture 1994-2005
January 7 - February 17, 2006
Art Galerie, Siegen, Germany