aipad New York 2014

aipad 2014, Catherine Couturier Gallery, Houston, TX, USA
April 10 - 13, 2014
Park Avenue Armory, New York, USA

presented artists: Stanko Abadzic , Ansel Adams, David Emitt Adams, Renate Aller, Dave Anderson, Theo Anderson , Jeffrey Becom , Ruth Bernhard , Rita Bernstein , Anne Berry, A. Aubrey Bodine , Edouard Boubat , Margaret Bourke-White , Dan Burkholder, Susan Burnstine , Camera Work, Marty Carden, Henri Cartier-Bresson , John Chakeres, Trudy Cohen , Charles Cramer, John D’Agostina, Judy Dater, Mitch Dobrowner , Robert Doisneau, Michael Donnor, Jeri Eisenberg, , Lisa Tyson Ennis , Elliott Erwitt, Louis Faurer , Mauro Fiorese , Blake Fitch, David Fokos , Henry Gilpin , Great Life Photographers, Charles Grogg, Tom Hawkins, Henry Horenstein , Rolfe Horn , Earlie Hudnall , George Hurrell , Adam Jahiel, David Johndrow, Peter Keetman , Niniane Kelley , Thomas Kellner , Michael Kenna , Andre Kertesz , Ferit Kuyas, Dorothea Lange , Russell Lee, Helen Levitt , Robert Maplethorpe, Libbie J. Masterson , , Barbara Morgan, Ruth Orkin, Bill Perlmutter, Brent Phelps, Rachel Phillips , Gerald Pizarsowski , Willy Ronis, Arthur Rothstein, Eva Rubinstein, Pentti Sammallahti, Jennifer Schlesinger , Joe Schwartz , Takeshi Shikama , Jessica Somers, Hakan Strand, Maggie Taylor , The Photo League , Jerry Uelsmann, Lori Vrba, Weegee, Brett Weston, Edward Weston , John Wimberley , Marion Post Wolcott , Ida Wyman, Frank Yamrus , George Zimbel, Ion Zupco.

 “Choosing not to create the singular indexical, and direct reality-mirroring image beloved of the Bechers and their followers, Kellner chose to make an image that could not for a moment be equated with the real thing, by moving his camera in a succession of shots that he collectively combined to constitute both a reference and an interpretation.” Nordström, Alison, Fotografia -Poland (no. 24-25), 2008, page 128


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thank you  tpo Catherine Couturier and her team for showing my work at aipad New York