13èmes Rencontres Photographiques, Ferme de Bressieux à Bassens, France, postponed to September 2020

13èmes Rencontres Photographiques
March 28 – April 5, 2020
Ferme de Bressieux/Bassens, France

Participating artists: Pilar Albajar – Antonio Altarriba, Marlo Broekmans, Michel Brunier, Patrick Butticker, Philippe Calandre, Laurent Camut, Laurent Cochet, Ysel Fournet, Jean Charles Gros, Alain Hervéou, Thomas Kellner, Valérie Legembre, Marc Le Mené, Marielsa Niels, Bénédicte Reverchon, Danilo Sartoni, Lenni Van Dinther, François Boisadam, Angelo Di Mango, Alice Dourenn, Margaret Fitzgerald, Fabienne Forel, Jean-Luc Joseph, Kurt Nagel, David Tatin, Lionel Turban, Jean-François Vigne, François Vignes.

Ferme de Bressieux 297
Route de la Ferme
73000 Bassens

Tél. +33 4 79704717

The 13th Photographic Meetings
"Images of Real Dreams"
This 13th edition of the Photographic Meetings organized by the ART'gentik73 Association for the promotion of old techniques and alternative processes will be exceptional in many respects:
- 28 professional and amateur photographers will exhibit more than 250 photographs.
- The Galerie Vrais Rêves de Lyon, one of the first French galleries dedicated to photography, will present, during its 40 years of research for new talents, a fascinating panorama of contemporary photographic creation.
- Visitors will discover the profusion of techniques allowing to create “photo-graphic” images, from old revisited processes such as daguerreotypy, salted paper, cyanotype or bromoil, or traditional silver technique, to mixed techniques and digital.
- Eleven other invited artists or members of ART’gentik73 will exhibit their latest original creations and show by their inventiveness and talent that old or alternative techniques have their place in the artistic field of the 21st century.
- The Ferme de Bressieux de Bassens (73000), beautifully restored and a new place of art and culture in Savoy, will host this collective exhibition in 4 rooms and over 400m2.
- A new ART’gentik73 space will present the activities of a group of photographers unique in Savoie, as it is entirely dedicated to film and alternative techniques.

Yves Schlosser, President of ART’gentik73
13th Photographic Meetings - Bressieux / Bassens Farm (73000) - March 28 to April 5, 2020


"Real Dreams" is the title of a book published by Duane Michals in 1976: two words, chosen for our patronymic in tribute to this artist, which express our artistic line well.
A gallery is not just a place, it is above all an artistic policy, a spirit, a point of view on art and on the artists who embody it. Vrais Rêves has made a choice, that of presenting only photographic works, and its policy is resolutely turned towards contemporary, creative and "plastic" photography.
The artists are chosen regardless of their origins and their past backgrounds. Only count their point of view on the world, their implication and the way in which they express themselves with this particular medium open on very broad fields of experimentation.
Thus, in this selective retrospective that we present with ART’gentik73, we have chosen work on the medium as a guiding principle, and so almost all photographic genres and a multitude of techniques are represented.
Vrais Rêves is also a team of enthusiasts who give body and soul to share human and artistic values ??with all those who follow this demanding program.
A pioneer in France, the Galerie Vrais Rêves is one of the recognized protagonists of photography in France. She is regularly present in many events such as the Rencontres d'Arles, "Months or Photography Meetings" (Lorient, Quimper, Lyon, Carcassonne, Paris, etc.).
The Galerie Vrais Rêves has been pursuing, for almost 40 years, with the same determination, its activity of prospecting and promoting photographers and visual artists using photography.

Thank you to Raymond Viallon and Remy Matthieu for showing my work at this festival in an impressive groupshow