12th Art Award by Kunstverein Wesseling

12th Art Award by Kunstverein Wesseling

Time Out of Joint

From a total of 850 applications in the categories of painting/photography/sculpture and objects with approx. 2500 works, it was the jury's task to select a total of 30 artists for nomination. 
At the jury meeting on 30 April and 14 May 2021, your work was nominated for the Art Award in the category of photography. The winners of the Art Award will be announced at the exhibition opening on 5 September at 3 pm at the Scheunen Galerie in Wesseling.

September 5 – September 26
Scheunen-Galerie im Kulturzentrum Schwingeler Hof
Schwingeler Weg 44, in 50389 Wesseling
0176 42 95 90 60

Exhibition Artists: 
Painting: Marcus Günther, Andreas Amrhein, Richard-Alexander Heckert, Gerd Paulicke, Rory Midhani, Henning Eichinger, Etxebarria Unai, Peer Boehm, Suscha Korte, Lara Rottinghaus
Photography: Thomas Kellner, Johannes Gerard, Matthias Gödde, Matthia Jung, Birgit Wehmhoyer, Theora Krummel, Wilfried Gohsens, Sabine A. Hartert, Gerald Jauß, Ulrich Diezmann 
Sculpture: Ines Schaikowski, Uli Schmid, Roland Schmitz, Penny Monogiou, Armin Künstler, Helga Schwalt-Scherer


Thank you

A big thank you for Kunstverein Wesseling to nominate me for their 12. Art Award!