Exhibitions 3-3-4 Galerie Vrais Rêves

Galerie Vrais Rêves

Galerie Vrais Rêves is located in Lyon, a city in the south-east of France. This contemporary gallery was created in 1980. Since 2019, the gallery is directed by Rémy Mathieu. This gallery is an association dedicated to the promotion of photography and is specialized in cubism. Moreover, it is the oldest gallery in France in regular activity.  The True Dreams Gallery has a large collection of modern photography. New innovative photography methods and techniques are presented in this gallery, highlighting contemporary artists. This gallery is engaged in the defense of the works of European photographers. Since the early 1990s, Galerie Vrais Rêves has been committed to visual photography. This position makes her, on the French scene, one of the pioneers in this field. The Real Dreams Gallery organizes mainly solo exhibitions. She has each space artist to display her style, her art, her works and her universe.


In 1990, the gallery opened its doors for its first exhibition welcoming the American photographer Duane Michals. He is a very famous artist because he revolutionized photography in the 1970s by including in his images narrative sequences.  There is also a link between this artist and the name of the gallery. Indeed, the gallery name is a reference to the 1976 book Real dreams: photostories by Duane Michals. This title was chosen to pay tribute to Duane Michals but it also perfectly represents the artistic line of the gallery. The first exhibition made in 1983 was dedicated to a competition that the gallery had launched on the theme of self-portrait. This allows the author to be free, without external pressure, without any censorship, without filters, only the truth. At that time, they received many proporisitions to participate in this project but only 10 projects were selected. Here is the list of people who were selected: Didier De Nayer, Marc Le Mene, Marie Noelle Decoret (under nickname), Michel Canet, Colette Mouleyre, etc. Several members of the jury were also present, such as Sonia Bove, director of the Fondation de la Photographie de Chalon sur Saône. 

Artists and Exhibitions

Every year, the Vrais Rêves gallery hosts 5 exhibitions. The True Dreams gallery has participated in 4 art fairs, in Lyon, Milan and elsewhere. The gallery has participated several times in international fairs such as «Milan image Art Fair» in 2010 and 2012, at the Photofever in Brussels in 2011, and at «Photo docks art fair» in Lyon in France in 2014. Outside the walls, with international collaborations in Poland, the Nei Liicht7 Center and the National Audiovisual Center in Luxembourg1, at the Schneider Museum of Art in Ashland in the United States1, but also at the Rencontres d'Arles in 20108, also occupied a large part of the gallery’s activity.
In addition, the gallery has hosted many artists from around the world and has organized many exhibitions since its creation. We can quote: Lost Memories (2014) by Luc Ewen, Intervalles (2019) by Michael Michlmayr or Black Star (2017) by Pascal Mirande. In addition, the gallery also exhibited the works of photographer Thomas Kellner twice with the exhibition Contacts (2014) and the exhibition Contacts N&B in 2017. In 2022, the gallery Vrais Rêves the gallery Fotogalerie Wien join forces for an event. The objective was to bring together these two galleries opened for 40 years and with relatively similar and complementary artistic lines. The two galleries represent places that mainly exhibit conceptual artistic photography and that collaborate with other institutions abroad. An exchange between the two galleries has existed for decades and some artists have already exhibited in the galleries. The artists presented at this exhibition take a similar approach: they present conceptually developed works that have arisen from the construction of staging and diversion for new possibilities of interpretation and perception. For this important event, the artist Michael Michlmayr was one of the curators.


Galerie Vrais Reves
Rue Dumenge 6   
69004 Lyon, France

+33 478306542

Author Héloïse Leroy

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