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Exhibitions 3-1/4 pas de deux in Lyon

Exhibition Pas de Deux curated by Fotogalerie Wien and Galerie Vrais Reves for their 30th anniversary.

Exhibitions 2-4/4: The curators Michael Michlmayr and Brigitte Konyen in an interview

Interview with the austrian curators Michael Michelmayr and Brigitte Konyen

Exhibitions 2-3/4: Thomas Kellner - Fotogalerie Wien

The exhibition Pas de Deux also features the fine art photographer Thomas Kellner. Architecture, vision and creativity is in the works of the artist.

Exhibitions 2-2/4: Fotogalerie Wien

The second part of the exhibition "Pas de Deux" in Vienna is about the institution Fotogalerie Wien.

Exhibitions 2-1/4: Pas de Deux in Vienna

The first part of the exhibition Pas de Deux in Fotogalerie Wien in Vienna.

Exhibitions 1-4/4: The curator Elisabeth Claus

Article about the curator Elisabeth Claus at Neuer Kunstverein Aschaffenburg, Germany

Exhibitions 1-3/4: Black & White by Thomas Kellner in big city symphony

The starving ghosts and the classic works of Thomas Kellner explained in his blog

Exhibitions 1-2/4: Video interview about big city symphonie

German spoken video interview with Elisabeth Claus about the Big City Symphonie exhibition in Aschaffenburg.

Exhibitions 1-1/4: Neuer Kunstverein Aschaffenburg

Neuer Kunstverein Aschaffenburg e.V. in the cultural city of Aschaffenburg in Lower Franconia part of Bavaria.