Venice Panoramas 1994/1996

diario veneziano 1994/1996, the panoramas

Part of our university curriculum was going on excursions. One of my favorites was going to Venice with the art history class to do studies about painting and architecture on location.

My only problem was that I had to develop different pinhole cameras as there would be neither time enough for changing films in my one-shot cameras nor would I be able to carry any laboratory equipment with me.

So, I decided to construct my first pinhole cameras with a transport system made out of cardboard. I imagined venice to be an old city with narrow streets. This led me to build a panoramic camera, able to photograph buildings from below at a short distance. After taking everything into consideration, it was, just a question of calculation: wide angle, panorama format and 35mm. - Then I took advantage of a suggestion given to me by Peter Olpe's book how to build a camera.Everything was modified according to my own needs and the materials were changed for more resistency.

Until today only a small part of this "diaria veneziano" has been printed. The existing materials are a first set of artist's proofs and a set of 10 vertical images that were done as a special edition for an exhibition that never happened.

But this series in Venice has become a key experience in my artistic development. It was the first aproach to urban environments, which later became one of my main interests.