Hearst, New York 2006

The Hearst Tower - art portfolio 2006

this is the artfolio that the Hearst Corporation did in 2006

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Perhaps there’s no simpler way to gauge a new building’s hold on its city’s collective imagination than by noting the frequency with which passersby feel compelled to pull out their cameras.  If true, then Hearst Tower has few equals among the architectural paparazzi – jaw-dropping tourists and jaded townsfolk alike who jostle to capture its unique form with their lens. In their attempts to shoot its interior lobby, they can be charmingly brazen. But then, so is Hearst Tower.

Lord Norman Foster’s audacious yet artful blending of old and new finally gives Manhattan a commodity it has long needed – an architectural subject worthy of the camera. The fine photographers in this exhibition display a breadth of styles seemingly few other buildings could have inspired. There are  steely, lack-and-white images with the mechanical exactness of blueprints. Sepia-toned prints that suggest nostalgia for an urban age of yesteryear.

The cliché of the urban tower is as a monument to high-speed innovation and brassy big business. But the photographs here have captured something unique to Hearst Tower. A primal spirituality. The resonance of light, air, water, stone, space. In this hub of information, where ideas continually ebb and flow, the senses are drawn to the quiet, light and shadows.

TOWER: Idea Identity Icon

invites you to experienceHearst Tower from its genesis and construction to its
immediate claim on the skyline – and the skilled lens.

Art has inspired art, as it should be.

John A. Bennette, January 2007


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