Ffotogallery Cardiff, 2002

Ffotogallery commission on Cardiff, Capital of Wales

In 2002 I went the first time to the meetingplace of FotoFest Houston. Christopher Coppock from Ffotogallery Cardiff/Wales was one of the reviewers I met there. He invited me in 2002 for a residency in Cardiff and to photograph the city and it's buildings. In 2003 he gave me a great exhibition and a wonderful book "Ozymandias" with a great essay by A D Coleman.


Thank you to Christopher Coppock for inviting me to Cardiff, where I was able to do some great work. And also thank you to FotoFest  Houston for bringing such wonderful reviewers to the meetingplace, who can set milestones in an artist's career.


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Images that I created in this residency:

Cardiff/ Wales (2002):
City Hall, National Museum, The Keep /Cardiff Castle, Millennium Stadium, Pier Head Building, Norwegian Church, Cardiff Bay Visitor Center, Castle Tower, Gerling NCM, UGC Cinemas, Stadium House and Western Mail Millenium Stadium cross the bridge.

from Wales into England (2002):
Stonhenge, Lacock Abbey, Severn Bridge, Margam Castle.