Studio Friedrichstrasse 2002 Rotation

May 5 - 12, 2002
Studio Friedrichstrasse, Siegen, Germany

participating artists: John Hosse, KAHOS, Haimo Hieronymus, Peter Meilchen, Jens-Oskar Rehberg, Pit Schrage, Axel Schubert


Also this year, the series of events of Art Summer with the studio Friedrichstrasse will be opened. But unlike in previous years, the "Vier unter einem Dach", which now includes Thomas Kellner, Jochen Dietrich and Melanie Müller as well as Sabiene Autsch, have come up with something new. The four of them have made their studio space available to another group of artists, in which seven members of the Arnsberg artist group Die Bogen will be presenting their work as part of a guest exhibition which will open on Saturday, February 4, 2002 at 4 pm. The exhibitors include Johann Hosse, Kahos, Haimo Hieronynmyus, Peter Meilchen, Jens-Oskar Rehberg, Pit Schrage and Axel Schubert.
The studio Friedrichstrasse intends to encourage a change of location and exchange with other groups of artists, thereby further expanding the already existing diverse regional art offer. In return for this exhibition, the members of Friedrichstrasse will exhibit their work in September in the studio rooms in Arnsberg.
Die Bogen exists since 22 years. For their own artistic work, the architects can use the approximately 900 square meter studio, which consists of seven studio berths and its own exhibition section. Every year several artists are presented here. In addition, dance and theater performances take place, which include amongst others from the collaboration with the Folkwangschule in Essen. At the moment, six architects and a guest artist are working in the studios. They represent different positions, which is also reflected in the range of artistic forms of expression: installations, painting, etching, photography, new media and performance.

The guest exhibition is sponsored by RWE NET AG - Siegen, by hugo's café, Galerie D 'Art Siegen and ZettB, Büro für Gestaltung.

Vier unter einem Dach
guest exhibition
the studio community Der Bogen, Arnsberg
May 5 - 12, 2002
Opening Saturday, May 4, 2002, 4 pm
Sat./Sun. 2 - 8 pm
and by telephone agreement

We would be delighted to announce this exhibition in the run-up to the opening!

Thomas Kellner
Melanie Müller
Jochen Dietrich
Sabiene Autsch