Studio Friedrichstrasse 2001 spring

Vier unter einem Dach V

Vier unter einem Dach V
May 2 -13, 2001
Studio Friedrichstrasse, Siegen, Germany

participating artists: Dr. Jochen Dietrich, Xenia Frisan, Thomas Kellner, Martin Steiner.

Spring exhibition "Open Studio"

Also this year there is the Art Summer - from a large number of proposals, a jury under the auspices of the Kunstverein Siegen has put together events on fine art in the city, district and adjacent regions to a sophisticated program that will accompany the art lovers through the summer of 2001. The artists of the studio Friedrichstrasse open this series of events on Tuesday, May 1 2001 at 4 pm with their spring exhibition.
After two years, there was the second change in the community at the beginning of 2001, which is now entering the third year of a successful collaboration with the two sculptors Krämer and Müller and the two photographers Dietrich and Kellner.
Lutz Krämer picturesquely and plasticly deals with the tension between line, surface and space, both in abstract-geometrical and in figurative-representational works; Mostly new works of concrete painting are shown.
Melanie Müller is currently working with space-creating paper from the most diverse application areas of our everyday life; From her there are not only floor plastics made of waste paper but also installations from post-it notes.
Jochen Dietrich shows photographs produced by German and Brazilian young people as part of Dietrich's photo-educational projects; On the opening day, he will be presenting his book to the public for the first time under the title "On the Viewing of Things".
Thomas Kellner shows new works from his project of dancing architectures; currently he has plans to build in Cologne. His book "Monuments" will be published these days and will be available for opening.

The exhibition is sponsored by RWE NET AG - Siegen, by Hugos café, bar & pasta and by Galerie D'Art, Siegen, who are continuing their proven cooperation.

Vier unter einem Dach V
March 1 - March 13, 2001
Opening Tuesday, March 1, 4 pm
Fri./Sat./Sun. 2-8pm

We would like an announcement in advance of the opening of our exhibition. We look forward to informing you on the opening day at 15.45 more in-depth about our artistic work.


Kellner, T., Glüher, G., 2001. Monumente. Köln, Iserlohn: Druckhaus Locher GmbH. >>>