Open studio 2017

Open studio
Thomas Kellner & Alicia Tiller
September 29, 2017 –  January 31, 2018
Studio Friedrichstrasse 42
57072 Siegen
Öffnungszeiten: September 30 & October 1, 2017: 3-6 pm

“Who would have thought that so much wonder could still be created with straight photographs in a time given to digital manipulation?” Alan G. Artner, Chicago Tribune

On the weekend of November 30/October, 2017 with an opening on November 29, 2017 at 7pm, Thomas Kellner invites to the Open Studio at the end of the Siegen Art Summer in his studio at Friedrichstrasse 42 in Siegen.

Over the last twenty years, Kellner has created a variety of work cycles in a style that is indicative of him. The results of a lengthy process and its continuous development of its gridded architectural photographs are to be understood.
This is how the staggering landmarks of the Tango Metropolis are juxtaposed. The Dancing Walls series complements the oeuvre with indoor shots such as the large bedroom in Mexico and the lighthearted Hearst Tower.
The exterior connects to the interior.
Together they encounter the work cycle Brasília, an artistic reflection of the modernist architect Oscar Niemeyer and the socio-political utopia of Brazilian President Juscelino Kubitschek.
In the project Genius Locations the artist from Siegen is heading to Russia, "to the land of the czars" - and back again. Georg Wilhelm Henning is the founder of the cities of Ekaterinburg and Perm, two of Russia's largest cities. At Genius Loci, the focus is on International and Siegerland's industrial architecture, treating their oscillation between stagnation and dynamism.
It creates a dynamic overall picture, contemporary and connect spatially. Above all, it is characterized by a constant, the Thomas Kellner over an impressive period.

As part of her one-year internship in the studio, Thomas Kellner will exhibit some of her public works alongside her student Alicia Tiller for the first time. These results provide a reflection and first insights into her work in the upper school of the School of Design St. Augustin.

Thank you to Alicia Tiller for one year internship at my studio and a fantastic time we had. Much successs for your own career!