open studio fall 2015

Open Studio

Open Studio (even without art summer)
September 26-27, 2015
Studio Thomas Kellner, Siegen, Germany


In September 25, Thomas Kellner invites friends and interested people to a studio celebration from 6 to 10 pm in his studio in Friedrichstrasse. On the following two days there will also be the opportunity to look into the studio of the Siegen artist between 3 and 6 pm.

Also in 2015 Kellner shows another new work from the series Tango Metropolis. A 500 year old building is moving? Actually hardly imaginable, but with the latest work of his complex and meticulously planned photographic art, Thomas Kellner reconstructs the Moscow St. Basil's Cathedral and thus brings a landmark of Russia's turbulent history into disquiet. The Basilius Cathedral seems to be the born motive to work through the enigmatic technique of Thomas Kellner in a picture.
2015 was an exciting year for Thomas Kellner. Already on the day of the art in May, Thomas Kellner installed a remarkable installation in the entrance area of ??his studio: My grandfather was with the SS.
It is still important to remember the atrocities committed in our country during the National Socialist era. It is estimated that between 1933 and 1945, 5.6 to 6.3 million people who defined the regime as Jews were killed.
Also from Siegen people were deported because of their faith. As a Siegen artist, Thomas Kellner therefore sees himself as responsible for not forgetting.
The installation symbolizes the 41 people of Jewish faith who were transported on April 28, 1942 from track 4 of the Siegen Main Station via Dortmund to Poland. None of them came alive from the Zamo concentration camp back. Until 1944, three more deportations followed from Siegen. These people could not escape - they were sorted out.
On a wall in the studio already spread the first waves of the project flucticulus, which prepared Kellner there for his participation in an exhibition in Aarhus for the Capital of Culture year there. A building starts to waver, or at least waves? The new building "The Iceberg" is taken by Kellner in a surprising way as an opportunity to deal with the small wave, or flucticulus.
2015 marks not only the intermediate status of Kellner's German-Russian project, but also the entry into a Danish project. On another wall in the studio, early black and white works are hanging like classics from another era. Eiffel Tower and Tower Bridge are reminiscent of the beginnings of its architectural deconstructions that have carried it around the world across 6 continents. An exhibition of these early black and white works is in preparation. As always, Kellner lets his Siegen audience know what will come next.

Tango Metropolis

Thomas Kellner Black & White


Shadow window