Open studio fall 2013

Open Studio
September 27 - October 6, 2013
Studio Friedrichstrasse, Siegen

"It's no coincidence that Kellner's works look like compound puzzles, as they inspire the thoughtful viewer -
both visually and intellectually - to unravel the importance of these architectural milestones."

Fernando Castro R., Houston Texas

Studio Thomas Kellner: Open studio

Open studio September 28, 2013

New York - a city of superlatives, a city that never sleeps. Who has been here once, never lets go of the magic of this metropolis. There is probably no other place in the world that fascinates, attracts and enchants like the "Big Apple". With its extraordinary architecture, the New York City is not only an eye-catcher of the special class, but also a wonder of architecture, technology and logistics. The fusion of different nationalities, races, cultures and mentalities gives this cosmopolitan city an international appearance. As a result, there is a unique climate of freedom and tolerance that can be admired on the New York art scene: mixed colors and everything allowed. New York - a vibrant metropolis that is bursting with life despite the impacts of 9/11 and hurricanes Sandy and keeps looking ahead. A city in which houses and people strive upward, in which always pulsates the life and whose otherness is exactly the reason, why her artists from all over the world again and again dedicate themselves. It is exactly this joie de vivre, this magical attraction of a cosmopolitan city, that Thomas Kellner captures in his latest picture, the New York Panorama. His work - a reflection of New York, which, just like the metropolis, shines in full beauty only through the interaction of the smallest units, here the 35 mm mini-slides.

New Work 2013