Open Studio spring 2012

Owl from Berlin and chaos in Athens
April 28 – May 6, 2012
Studio Thomas Kellner, Siegen, Germany

Owls from Berlin and chaos in Athens

At the end of April, Thomas Kellner published his contribution to the dispute with the Greek shortages of money: 44,000,000 art money drachmas were laid by the artist from Siegen to support artists and two museums in Greece.
Already 2004, Kellner called one of his fragmentary compositions "Chaos" in Athens, and in 2000 he visually shredded the European currencies in his "Euroschredder" project. The current situation as well as the opening of the Siegen Art Summer with the theme "Chaos" are the reason for combining these two projects.

The subject of this connection is the artistic confrontation with financially stumbling Greece. In history, various protective currencies contributed to stabilizing an economic area; And for Greece, too, this idea does not seem unfounded.


Video: Token money for Greece

In his unique style, Thomas Kellner now picks up the at that time photographically alienated Greek currency and decomposes or "shreds" them into their individual parts. But he composes with the individual parts a new art-note. 44,000 of these bills are printed and arithmetically distributed to the 11 million citizens of Greece. The deliberately chosen ratio of 4: 1 is based on the symbolic value of the number four. Because what is needed in the Greek financial crisis is a bit of luck and a promising solution. Both may be combined in the idea of a protective currency. Kellner's image composition also includes two different levels. If the individual fragments of the picture reflect the collapsing financial system in their new composition on the one hand, they express the possibility of a rebuilding, on the other hand.

Help us!

Greek artists and two museums (Fotomuseum Tessaloniki / Cretan Museum of Contemporary Art) should receive financial support from the proceeds of the Greek project. With each bundle sold Angela Merkel also receives 1 euro by check to reduce the Greek debt:

Your Support:

Museum of Photography Thessaloniki (2 Euros per sale)

Museum of Contemporary Art Crete (2 Euros per sale)

Angeliki Douveri, greek artist (2 Euros per sale)

Miss Chancelor Angela Markel to reduce the Greek credits (1 Euro)

My work titled: CHAOS (1 Euro)

Administration and taxes (2 Euros)

Radio Siegen

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This year again a silent auction will take place. 12 works can be bought on the spot on Sunday, May 6, in the studio in Friedrichstrasse. In addition, bids can also be sent by email (subject: "Auction 2012")! The auction ends on May 6 at 6 pm - here is an overview:

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