Open Studio spring 2000

Vier unter einem Dach III

Vier unter einem Dach III
May 6 - 14, 2000
Atelier Friedrichstrasse, Siegen, Germany

participating artists: Dr. Jochen Dietrich, Xenia Frisan, Thomas Kellner, Martin Steiner.

Vier unter einem Dach III

Third open studio at the studios Friedrichstrasse

Start in the art summer

On Friday, May 5, 2000, at 7 pm, Jochen Dietrich, Xenia Frisan, Thomas Kellner and Martin Steiner will be opening their third presentation in the one-year-old studio in Friedrichstrasse No. 42. All four have, among other things, studied art at the University of Siegen and joined forces to form a studio community. The sculptors Frisan and Steiner and the photographers Dietrich and Kellner show current work samples on two floors. Hugo's Bar + Bistro spoils the guests with a May Punch and other drinks at the beginning of May.

Martin Steiner shows sculptural works that were created in the context of his final work, but also drawings and paintings, which were created in the environment of the sculptures. In addition to drawings, Xenia Frisan also presents room installations with stones.

Jochen Dietrich exhibits several series from his Brazil projects. Thomas Kellner is represented with contact sheet images and a photogram series.


Vier unter einem DachIII May 5-14, 2000

Opening: Friday May 5 7 pm

Exhibition open: Sat./So. 2-8 pm

We would be delighted if you announce the opening of our exhibition and would like to inform you in more detail about our artistic work on the opening day at 6:45 pm