Kunsttag: KunstChaos

Kunsttag 2012
May 6, 2012
Studio Thomas Kellner, Siegen, Germany

Art Day: KunstChaos

Also this year the Siegen Art Summer will be opened by an action day.
The opening of the Art Summer 2012 by Mayor Mues will take place on May 6, 2012, at 11 am, in the Museum for Contemporary Art, Unteres Schloss 1, 57072 Siegen.

In addition to the studio Thomas Kellner, the Siegerlandmuseum in the Oberes Schloss, the group 3/55, the Krönchencenter, the Städtiche Galerie Haus Seel, the Kunstverein Siegen, the Museum for Contemporary Art, the Jugendkunstschule, the studio Andrea Freiberg and the Art Galerie offer in May 6 a diverse program around the subject of CHAOS.

Thomas Kellner dedicates this day to his 2005 incomplete work Chaos, an aerial photograph from Athens.

The program of the studio event: Owls from Berlin and Chaos in Athens

Exhibition from April 28 - May 6, 2012

Sunday May 6, 2012:

On the wall
Sketches, designs and pictures from Athens

For home
Silent auction of 10 works of art

1:24 pm: Greek bring picnic
2:25 pm: Christo Hatzigiakoumis: Greek for beginners
3:26 pm: Ralf Strackbein rides Pegasus
4:27 pm: We dance a Sirtaki
6 pm: end of the auction

The Kunstchaos is 2012 supported by: