Art Day 2016

Kunsttag 2016
May 8, 2016

Studio Thomas Kellner
Künstlerstaub + Black & White
12 am – 6 pm

“The interesting thing about the buildings photographed by Kellner is that they are material and unreal at the same time.” Michalowska, M., Kontakt, Kellner, Thomas, 2014, Seltmann+Söhne, Berlin/Siegen, page 50

Studio Thomas Kellner

Künstlerstaub + Black & White
12 am - 6 pm

Black & White 1991-1997
Before Thomas Kellner began to systematically decompose pictures into contact sheets in 1997, he worked experimentally and conceptually on various groups of works that ultimately led to the multi-perspective image of analytical synthetism.

3 pm Guided tour of the studio and the exhibition

Artist dust on truffle ground - Flea market of artists
Artists sell their old treasures - less their works of art. Valuable things from the everyday life of the artists as well as things that played a role in art production: simply artists' dust. Prepared on a "truffle meadow", where you can find hidden treasures, if you just look carefully.

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Sunday, May 8:
Siegen Kunsttag 2016 transcends borders

On one day of the year, the Siegen artists and institutional promoters of the visual arts come together to interpret a common theme in their own way. The art day 2016 has the motto "art borders". It will take place on Sunday, May 8. Along nine stations in downtown Siegen, the "art borders" can be walked on between 12 am and 6 pm.
The Kunsttag 2016 will be opened at 11:30 am by the 1st Deputy Mayor Jens Kamieth in the Nikolaikirche. In the church and in front of the building, a joint action of the Nikolai church community, the Jugendkunstschule Siegen-Wittgenstein, the Realschule Oberer Schloss and the spinning group Südwestfalen can be seen. With a "giant spinning mill", for which the preparatory work begins on Saturday already, boundaries of space are being lifted and new ones created.
Only a few steps away, in the municipal gallery Haus Seel, the Kunstverein Siegen transposes "art borders in motion". Announced is a staging that works without any hanging or standing objects and lets "art workers" act in the empty room.
Also at Haus Seel, pupils and teachers from the Fritz Busch Music School of the city of Siegen will be performing in the afternoon between 3 and 5 pm. They perform under the motto "Guitar Pur".
Uphill visitors expect two more stations, namely in the Marburger Straße and in the Siegerland Museum.
The shop in Marburger Strasse 37 features the freelance artists Andrea Freiberg and Britta Ebermann. They create a three-dimensional space painting and ask the question: "From the blue - or what would Kandinsky say?" The Siegerland Museum takes the theme "borders" and "border crossings" on the 16th and 17th centuries and here again on forms of travel as undertaken by the Nassau counts and princes. Between 2.30 and 4.30 pm special tours take place on this topic complex. For the exhibition "Siegen an der Heimatfront" a guided tour takes place at 2 pm. Finally, the museum invites children to be "boundlessly creative" from 2.30 pm on crafting and painting.
Further down the Siegberg, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the group "3/55" await their audience. The artist group "3/55" has its location in the shop Löhrstrasse 1. Here it invites to "border violations of the peaceful kind". The Museum for Contemporary Art presents the exhibitions "Andrea Robins / Max Becher Relocation", the cross-border animal video "Once upon a time" and "Unlimited", an exhibition of art objects by children and adolescents. After a tower music with cosmic sounds by Helmut Richter, short tours follow from 2 pm to 5 pm.
In the studio of Thomas Kellner, Friedrichstrasse 42, the exhibition "Black & White" with works of the photographer from the years 1991 - 1997 can be seen between 12 am and 6 pm. Under the promising title "artist dust on truffle ground", a flea market of the artists takes place in the same place, in which they offer fewer works of art as valuable everyday objects for sale. If you want to continue Thomas Kellner's work from 1997 to 2005, you can do so in the Art Gallery, Fürst-Johann-Moritz-Strasse 1. A tour of the exhibition will take place at 5 pm.
The Art Day 2016 is sponsored by Sparkasse Siegen, RWE AG, the companies Rudolph Lichtwerbung, Optik merdas and Immobilienberatung Friedrich, Siegen. Among other things, the sponsorship makes it possible to read the Hübbelbummler for free between the art stations. It leaves from 12 am from the central bus station Siegen in half-hourly intervals.
An overview of the stations of the Art Day 2016 is a flyer, which is available in shops and public buildings. Also on facebook the Siegen Art Day is with its program.

thank you to Astrid Schneider for coordinating this year's Kunsttag and thank you to Kunstverein Siegen, Siegerlandmuseum im Oberen Schloss, Siegen pulsiert, Jugendkunstschule, Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Sparkasse Siegen, RWE, Rudolph Lichtwerbung, Optik Merdas und Immobilienbüro Friedrich for supporting Kunsttag.


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