Art Day 2015

May 10, 2015
Studio Thomas Kellner, Siegen, Germany

The studio becomes an artist flea market

On the occasion of the 7th Art Day in Siegen I will again prepare an exhibition or, rather, a small "event" in my studio in Friedrichstrasse 42, according to the motto "Art Time". Under the name "artist's dust on truffle ground - flea market of the artists", a flea market takes place this year in the studio, in which artists not only want to sell their works of art - but also their old treasures. My artist colleagues and I offer their artist junk on an area of 60 x 300cm. Nostalgic, valuable things from the everyday life of artists as well as things that have played a role in art production can be found: simply artist dust. Both high-quality collectors' items and art objects as well as typical flea market items such as technical and everyday wear can be found here. All visitors to "Art Day" are friendly invited to browse the truffle ground, to look around and dig for bargains, peculiarities or hidden treasures and hopefully find what they are looking for.

Furthermore, in the entrance area of the studio an expressive action on the subject of "Art Time" takes place. There will be an installation, which is dedicated to past, dramatic events and designed to enthrall viewers. The corridor of the studio will no longer be recognizable, the visitor will be transported to another time.

Inside the studio I like to invite you for coffee, cake and chats and look forward to many guests. The gates are open from 12 am. At 3 pm a guided tour through my studio takes place.

“Kellner's kaleidoscopic, fairytale buildings thus inject new life into timeworn tourist shots in an aesthetically arresting and technical conscious way.” Bangsund-Pedersen, Ditte Maria, Tango Metropolis. Thomas Kellner. Cegielska, Beate 2005 Galleri Image, Aarhus, Denmark, last page

Thank you

Thanks to all who participated in the Kunsttag 2015, to all the artists who participated and to all who helped me to organize "Künstlerstaub auf Trüffelgrund"!

My grandfather was at the SS


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