Art Day 2011

Art Day 2011
May 7, 2011
Studio Thomas Kellner, Siegen, Germany

Thomas Kellner has been making art for 20 years, and it is about the same time that people buy his paintings, and some have even become collectors of his work. Most of them surround themselves with his pictures in the workplace or at home in the apartment. And, many of the art lovers are dedicated photographers! So the question came up, how the collector sees the artwork in his environment or with the artwork.

On the wall
This is how the idea for the exhibition "In the Eye of the Collector" was born, which documents a very personal relationship to Thomas Kellner's work: A potpourri of professional arrangements, snapshots and imaginative compositions portrays the artist's early works (nature tableaux, panoramic and pinhole camera shots) and the for him characteristic architectural photographs in the intimate life of his buyers. Thus, these are partly self-contained in the photos and afford the viewer a curious look into the privacy of households scattered around the world. Other ideas shine as well: Kellner's study of the Golden Gate Bridge is particularly effective in front of the original venue.

Touch and watch
But books are also part of an artist's life. Periodically, new print products are launched, which combine the works of art in illustrations into a bibliophile work with explanatory texts at a generally more affordable price. 20 trainees for the design assistant in the 3rd year of the Tüv Rheinland private school vocational college for cosmetics and design map out this year a catalog with the Mexico works of Kellner.

Thomas Kellner followed in 2006 an invitation to Central America and photographed there in Mexico City and the surrounding area the icons of Mexican architecture to the pyramids and nearby volcanoes. Original works of this series in the studio will make you want the catalog designs.

As a winner
These will be on display in the studio Friedrichstrasse from April 30, and on May 7, the best design will be awarded in the afternoon at 5 pm.

For home
Artists and collectors, buying and selling are part of everyday life in the art market. A special highlight are auctions. At 8 pm on May 7, the hammer for 10 works of art will fall in a silent auction from April 30.

3 - 8 pm: On the wall
Pictures of Thomas Kellner's collectors from all over the world

3 - 8 pm: To touch & watch
Twenty book designs by trainees for design assistant at the Tüv Rheinland private school vocational college for cosmetics and design

5 pm: As a winner
Award of the best catalog design Thomas Kellner: Mexico

3 - 8 pm: For home
Silent auction of 10 works of art

In the Eye of the Collector
April 30 - May 7, 2011
Studio Thomas Kellner
Friedrichstrasse 42, Siegen

Opening hours:
Sat. and Sun. 3 - 6 pm and after agreement

bookdesigns by trainees

Thank you to Stephanie Markuske the teacher at Tüv Rheinland Privatschule Berufkolleg für Kosmetik und Gestaltung and the pupils, Arnakunow, Karolina, Bellebaum, Lucas, Bivol, Sarah, Czogalla, Christina, Dicker, Nadine, Forderung, Thorsten, Formiglio, Catherina, Gerber, Christoph, Haude, Anna Lena, Hillnnütter, Lea, Jahns, Lee, Klaas, David, Kocyigit, Ebru, Krause, Tatjana, Matar, Samara, Michel-Hoskowitz, Eva-Maria, Muhl, Theresa, Müller, Kim, Schrenk, Frederic for doing this wonderful project of bookdummies with my Mexicoworks.


Special Offer

Each visitor can support the trainees' work by pre-ordering a catalog that finally will contain the special edition 66#04 Mexico, Palacio Nacional. A winning catalog will be published when reaching the minimum amount of 20 orders!


Thomas Kellner, Mexico, 60-80 pages, softcover aprox. A4, 100 copies will be signed and numbered and be acompanied with the print.

49,80 Euros

Lucas Bellebaum

Sarah Bivol

Christina Czogalla

Nadine Dicker

Thorsten Forderung

Catherina Formiglio

Christoph Gerber

Anna Lena Haude

Lea Hillnhütter

Lee Jahns

David Klaas

Ebru Kocyigit

Tatjana Krause

Samara Matar

Eva-Maria Michel-Hoskowitz

Theresa Muhl

Kim Müller

Frederic Schwenk

Silent Auction

These pieces will be available:

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