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Portfolios 1990 – today  Contact sheets and a new perspective 2021 Half-timbered houses of the Siegen industrial area today, 19 photographs of the framework houses, that the…  
Flucticulus 2015–2020  
 “There is no way to neither classify it as photography nor declassify it as such.” Corrêa do Lago, André. 2010. “Thomas Kellner and the Challenge of the Connection Between Photography…  
Photobook, photobooks & exquisite issues  
A photobook and his exquisite special edition is always a gem for your collection of photobooks.  
Altes Brauhaus Universitaet Siegen, 2002  
“Brauhausfotografie Nr. 10”, Siegen, 2001 Brauhausfotografie Nr. 11 November 5 - 27, 2002 Altes Brauhaus, Universitaet-GH-Siegen, Siegen, Germany  
Brauhausfotografie 25 November 22 - 27, 2016 Brauhaus, Universitaet Siegen, Germany participating artists: students: Sarinya Dekade, Katarina Dincic, Aruzo Firuz, Kai Gieseler, Julia Gossel,…  
Villa Waldrich, Siegen, 1994  
Kunst von der RolleKunst von der RolleKunst von der Rolle January 22 - February 15, 1994 Villa Waldrich, Siegen, GermanyParticipating artists: Nele Bäumer, Benno Derda, Ralf Gablik, Haimo…  
Thomas Kellner, Obscure Fotografien, Der Bogen, Arnsberg, 1993  
Tierra quemadaObscure Fotografien aus der Asche November 14 - December 12, 1993 Der Bogen, Arnsberg, Germany  
Thomas Kellner, Gesichtspunkte, Eschweiler Kunstverein, 1993  
GesichtspunkteMay 9 - May 23, 1993 Kunstverein Eschweiler, Germany  
Kunstverein Wesseling and JDC Fine Art  
Openings at JDC Fine Art and Kunstverein Wesseling Wesseling. Yesterday the Kunstverein Wesseling opened the exhibition Zeit aus den Fugen, for which 850 artists had applied with 2500 works. The…  
Candela, Felix  
Felix Candela (1910- 1997) Candela was born 1910 in Madrid. He was a Spanish architect and played a significant role in the development of Mexican architecture. Candela’s major contribution to…  
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