LiJie Liu

LiJie Liu, Bejing, Republik China

Another Episode

The real space in which I’m living is rather miscellaneous and seductive. It has gorgeous lights and shadows. Also it’s full of desires, powers, feelings’ control, and benefits’ exchange. The more communicating approaches this world has, the more isolated and close from each other we feel. Each person is an isolated island. The more we wish to become a part of it, the more repulsiveness and resistance, which we don’t know where they come, we feel.I take a gloomy view, and there exist a lot that I can’t control. I’m inclined to managing the years both I lived and am living into a scene compose by a computer. There I could pursue extreme simplism. It’s clear, unascertainable, and imperceptible. It is the years spoken out by my language, and there’s ultimate mysterious relationship about individual foreordination — it is a mere pint-sized world surmised by one person, and totally untrue to the original works.After the states of choiceless and helpless, and between the states of firm and infirm, I hope that I can present the simplest truth by means of a fable, take delight in doing so, and never feel tired.