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A new german border

Border – Approaching in Pictures

20 years of German Unity and the Wall is gone.
During the weekly demonstrations on Mondays 1989 in Leipzig and later all over the DDR people shouted: “We are the people!”. This peaceful protest movement led to the fall of the Wall. Later led to the reunion of the two German countries.
In 1996 the artist traveled along the border all around the newly formed country.
In this book polaroids are combined with quotes from newspapers, magazines, novels and his diary. They become a journey back to how the wall fell down.

“Living in the middle of Germany, not geographically in the middle but within the new borders, within a new volume, meant to document the German unity. It means a new line of the border and to take up a new position.  It meant to visualize the united parts’ line of the border by a procedure called “mapping” and to give the exclamation “We are the people!” an all-German dimension.”  (Thomas Kellner)

“We are the people!“ traces the German border and with it, point by point, the shape of Germany. In the same breath it shows recipients the many facets and probably the unknown places of the republic at its fringes. Besides the fragments of texts and quotations which are added to every photograph of the series, enable the recipient to start a journey into the own experiences.  (Dirk Müller)

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German border's book details

Titel:Wir sind das Volk!
Editor:Thomas Kellner
AuthorDirk Müller
PhotographerThomas Kellner
Format21 × 21 cm | 8,3 × 8,3 inches
Pages56 pages
Release DateOctober 3, 2009
Price24,90 Euros
Special Edition Prints290,00 Euros

Wir sind das Volk! Special edition

Four different special border editions (C-Prints from original Polaroid plus texts, like in the book) each 290 Euros / 450 USD plus shipping



Thank you

Thank you to Dirk Müller for his fantastic research and collaboration on this book.

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