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2019: Visual Analytical Synthesis

Thomas Kellner, who began using contact sheets to create a unique method and a visual synthesis his artwork in 1997, can look back on a long artistic career today. Reflecting on the years of his visual creativity, not only exhibitions stand out in this sythesis. In addition to the visual observation as the primary goal of a work of art and the oral exchange about what has been seen and the synthesis, the written word in art is also solidified. Publications belong to image collections, legally reproduce the history of art and artists and give further information about the visual synthesis.

A new visual perspective through synthesis

On the occasion of the collection and sorting of all literature about Thomas Kellner, which ranges from monographs to special publications and records the visual history of the artist, his pictures and the synthesis he crates, a publication has been created that specifically addresses the unmistakable and success-based basic visual structure of his works of art in form of a visual synthesis. The catalog allows the reader to receive a great, visual overview. Not just about the works of the artist and his visual synthesis, but also a comprehension about the world's architecture. It is a visual reception and synthesis of the most famous buildings, shown from a new point of view through the artist's visual synthesis.

A synthesis made visual

The "Visual Analytical Synthesis" Dr. Irina Chmyreva refers to is the visual "transformation of a pure figure into a conceptual reordering of the elements" in form of a synthesis by a conversion of the proportions and visual relationships to the natural environment, a re-composed synthesis by Kellner's contact sheets. Dr. Yi-hui Huang describes the visual synthesis this way: "His process breaks open the given visual structure with one hand, and with the other it pieces together in a visual sythesis. In the simultaneous visual splintering and unifying creates a loose, still invisible band, which creates an visual impression of movement and synthesis. "
Thomas Kellner already accompanies this visual artistic method of a visual synthesis for as long as written explanations of the same.

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TitelVisual Analytical Synthesis
AuthorsDr. Jochen Johannsen, Dr. Yi-hui Huang
TranslationDr. Andrea Gnam
ArtistThomas Kellner
Format22,8 x 15,2 cm 
Pages108 pages
Release DateNovember 20, 2019
Price19,90 Euros 


Thank you to seltmann+söhne for distribution. Special thanks to Dr. Jochen Johannsen and to Dr. Yi-hui Huang for the wonderful essay about my work and visual synthesis. Thank you to Seltmann print art for printing this photobooks, other photobooks and exquisite issues.