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Brasília photobook by fine art photographer


The photobook "Brasília" by Siegen's fine art photographer Thomas Kellner shows the most important architectural landmarks of the capital of Brasil, Brasília. It shows the city, in an mondern and fabulous way, yet typical for the international photographer. The artist is known for his pictures of dancing landscapes and buildings, that are made of contactsheets put together into an artistic mosaic. 
The head of the Brazilian state from 50 years ago, gave the order to build a city, now known as Brasília, that the world had not seen yet. Not only did this mean a future of architecture, it also meant a social-political utopia. Brasília celebrated its 50 years on 22nd April 2010. It was the occasion for Thomas Kellner to discover the less well known as well as the new, modernist structures designed Oscar Niemeyer and built from 2004 to 2010.

Kellner's work is not a static, fixed image of the buildings. His final work is a unique, multiperspective mosaic of hundreds of individual images that gives the visual impression of instability and movement. 

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Brasília photobook

Have a look at the pictures of the Brasília photobook. Inside you will find numerous pictures of different Fine Art series. Let these pictures embark you on your very own exciting journey. I hope that you will enjoy looking at them, and that you will find yourself wanting your own exemplar of the Brasília catalog on your bookshelf.

Factsheet Brasília anthology

AuthorStefanie Scheit-Koppitz; André Corrêa do Lago
PhotographerThomas Kellner
Format21 x 21 cm
Pages96 pages
LanguageEnglish / Portuguese
Release Date2010
English / Portuguese Edition1500 
Price29,90 Euros


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