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2010: Brasília a new utopia anthology


The catalog "Brasília: 50 Anos de Utopia Moderna" by Siegen's fine art photographer Thomas Kellner shows the most important architectural landmarks of the city of Brasília. It pictures the capital of Brasil, Brasília, in an extraordinary and modern way, yet typical for the international artist.
50 years ago, the Brazilian president at that time gave the order to build a city, now known as Brasília, that the world had not seen yet. This meant not only a future of architecture, but also a social-political utopia. On 22 April 2010 Brasília was finally 50 years old. For Thomas Kellner an occasion to investigate the less well known as well as the new, modernist structures by Oscar Niemeyer from 2004 to 2010.

Paul Wombell, refers in Kellner's investigations mainly to the connection between the skeleton from Brasília's city plans and Kellner's large-scale contact sheets of monuments.
The end result of Kellner's work is therefore not a static, fixed image of the buildings. It is a unique, multiperspective mosaic of hundreds of individual images that convey the visual impression of instability and movement. 

Brasília catalog

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Editor: Editora ARP / Karina Bessa

Author: Kellner, T., Scheit-Koppitz, S., Wombell, P. (et al.), 2010.

Photographer: Thomas Kellner

Format: 22 x 30,5 cm 

Title: Brasília – 50 years of a modern utopia.

Brasília: ARP, hardcover,

Languages: Portuguese, English, German

ISBN: 978-85-62376-03-0

Release date: 2010

Pages: 152 

special edition: 49#63 Brasília, Congresso , 2009, C-Print, 22,8 x 21,0 cm / 8,9" x 8,2", edition 100+5

special edition price: 89,80 Euros


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