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2000: 11-Loch-Arbeiten

Title: 11-Loch Arbeiten

Editor: Thomas Kellner

Authors: Gerhard Glüher

Artists: Thomas Kellner

Format: 21×29,5cm | 8,3×11,6inches, 24 pages, softcover

Languages: German

Publisher: seltmann+söhne

ISBN 978-3-942831-65-9

Published: 2000

Edition: 1000

Price: 9,80€

Pinhole – old technique, new impulses

After experimenting with different pinhole cameras between 1993 and 1998, Thomas Kellner built two important cameras. One of them was a panorama-camera for the complete length of a 35mm-film and the other one for large format film with 11 pinholes. The results in this black and white published exhibition catalogue are multi-perspective objects which are repeated several times within the picture.
Working with this camera in different projects and changing themes consequently lead into the deconstructed multiple composed images. 1997 those images were the starting point for his contact-sheets of 35mm films.
“Numerously contorted and from the orthogonal shifted segments of the picture demand a continuous alteration in the direction of view and location to align oneself as usual in accordance with gravity. As this is impossible, we are continuously forced to ask ourselves where we are within the picture’s depth at present. Already slight discrepancies in the axis given suffice to confuse view and orientation which sometimes reminds of a dream’s irrationality.
Yet to me Kellner’s works are like stories from dreams which we can only recollect in pieces after we have awakened and with which it is so hard to recapitulate the linearity of the “narrative”. Different times, distances, perceptions intertwine; leaps and illogical sequences alternate with seemingly realistic pictures until the imagined disappears within the fog of oblivion.”
(Gerhard Glüher)

Thank you to Gerhard Glüher for his wonderful essay.