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1994: Snail shell artist's book

A Snail on Its Way to the Camera

While walking in the South of France, a shiny mother-of-pearl snail shell on the ground caught my eye. I wrapped it up, sandy and not pretty to look at on the outside, eerily beautiful on the inside. When I looked closer at the snail shell, I noticed that there was a tiny hole at the top. This hole was perfect for a pinhole, so as soon as I got home I built a camera out of it. Consisting of the snail shell and a film canister.
The rest of the day was spent taking test shots, negatives as big as my smallest fingernail had to be cropped.
After several days and a lot of experimentation, my homemade snail shell camera worked. It could be used like a normal camera.
In the darkroom, I made contact sheets out of everything that was taken in the summer. I was overwhelmed with the result, the abstract round shape of the camera apparatus. A snail became a camera.

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Artist's Book

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You will find here more information about the artists book snail shell  by Thomas Kellner.

Title: Eine Schnecke auf dem Weg zur Kamera

Editor: Thomas Kellner

Authors: /

Artist: Thomas Kellner

Format: 17,5 x 17,5cm on 26,5 x 19,5 paper

Languages: /

Publisher: Thomas Kellner

Published: 1994

Edition: 11 BW-prints, spiralbound, edition 6


1-3:     890 Euros

4+5: 1.490 Euros

6:     on demand

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