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Welcome to photobooks, portfolios and exquisite editions.

Publications such as photobooks are, next to the original artworks, the legitimate reproduction of a work. They also hold the possibility to give a text to the works, to classify them and to reflect their background.

Catalogs and photobooks

The first catalog was published in 1998, two years after he had created his work across the German border. Of the total number of prints of 500 copies, about 300 were destroyed by the printing company. Therefore, there are very few copies of this small catalog. Some other photobooks, such as the first photobook about the contact arches monuments, is out of print and there are only a few signed copies and some with an enclosed special edition. Others, such as the calendar from Andalusia or the folder from China are not available here at all and should be extremely difficult to find. A first bibliography has also been published in 2019.

Artist photobooks

The artist has been working for many years in parallel on sketchbooks, which are occasionally exhibited with. This refers to artist photobooks in the smallest edition of 6 or 10 pieces, which the artist himself binds as photobooks with originals.

Special editions

There are often special editions to the photobooks to acquire. Occasionally, these exist in 30 or 100 copies. Sometimes a small original is included or the first 100 copies are numbered and signed. In most cases, the special editions serve to finance the printing of the photobooks, in some cases they are also intended to refinance it, since it is rarely possible to finance a photobook purely through sales. Nevertheless, special editions always remain the uniqe, exclusive copies within the photobook edition.


During his studies, Tthe artist repeatedly published entire portfolios as photobooks. These were 10 or 20 original prints, in the case of the German Border Project over 50 prints, in a special box. In 2009, another portfolio was added: The Hearst Tower in an exclusive cloth-bound hand-bound slipcase.

Individual special editions

From time to time, there are requests from outside the company to publish a small special edition of photobooks for certain occasions. However, the special editions of individual prints mentioned here are not commissioned works.

Offset prints

Nowadays exhibition posters are rather rare. However, there are works that are so large in the original that they do not fit into the home or exceed the format of the exchange. Some of these large works are also available as limited, numbered and signed offset prints.


Order your photobook

In case you wish to order directly from the artist. It is very simple. Please use the contact form.
He will send you a paypal order or invoice. Once you paid your order, the book will imediatly be shipped to your home.

Monographs and photobooks


Oliver Seltmann, ed. 2021. Half-timbered houses of the Siegen industrial area today. 500th ed. Berlin: Seltmann Publishers.

2020Oliver  Seltmann, ed. 2019.The Big Picture. Lüdenscheid, Berlin: Seltmann+Söhne.

Kellner, Thomas, ed. 2019. All Shook up: Thomas Kellner's America. Lüdenscheid, Berlin: Seltmann+Söhne.

Kellner, Thomas, ed. 2019.Visuell Analytische Synthese. 500th ed. Lüdenscheid, Berlin: Seltmann+Söhne.


Gao Xiaohua Art Museum of the Southwest Minzu University, ed. 2018. Black and White: Photography Exhibition. With the assistance of Qu Bo. Chengdu.

Kellner, Thomas, ed. 2018. Flucticulus. Lüdenscheid, Berlin: Seltmann+Söhne.


Galerie Vrais Rêves, ed. 2017. Contacts N & B 1997–2005. With the assistance of R. Mathieu and R. Viallon. Lyon: Galerie Vrais Rêves.


Arbeitsgemeinschaft Siegerländer Künstlerinnen und Künstler e.V., ed. (2016) 2016.Tango Metropolis. 2500th ed. Lüdenscheid, Berlin: Seltmann+Söhne.

Verve Gallery, ed. 2016. Thomas Kellner.


Kellner, Thomas, ed. 2015 Black & White 1997–2005.500th ed. Lüdenscheid, Berlin: Seltmann+Söhne.


Galerie Vrais Rêves, ed. 2014. Contacts 1997–2013. With the assistance of R. Mathieu and R. Viallon. 1000th ed. Lyon.

Kellner, Thomas, ed. 2014. Kontakt. Lüdenscheid, Berlin: Seltmann+Söhne.

Yekaterinburg History Museum, ed. 2014. Genius Loci. Jekaterinburg.


Kellner, Thomas, ed. 2013. Genius Loci – Zwei Siegener Im Zarenland. Lüdenscheid, Berlin: Seltmann+Söhne.

Kellner, Thomas, ed. 2013. Houston, We've Had a Problem! Lüdenscheid, Berlin: Seltmann+Söhne.


Kellner, Thomas, ed. 2012. Wir sind von Idealbildern umgeben:  Ars-Victoria-Verl.


Kellner, Thomas, ed. 2011. Mexiko. Lüdenscheid, Berlin: Seltmann+Söhne.


Kreis Düren (Hg.), FarbWelt 135–36. Kunstpreis des Kreises Düren, Düren 2010.

Karla Osorio Netto (Hg.), Brasilia – 50 anos de utopia moderna, Brasilia 2010.

Karla Osorio Netto (Hg.),  Brasília 1500. 2010.


Thomas Kellner (Hg.), Wir sind das Volk!, Lüdenscheid, Berlin 2009.


The Boston Athenæum (Hg.), All shook up. Thomas Kellner photographs the Boston Athenæum, Boston 2008.


Art Galerie, Siegen, John Cleary Gallery, Houston, K4 galerie Werner Deller, Saarbrücken, Galerie Maurer, München, Schneider Gallery, Chicago, in focus Galerie, Burkhard Arnold, Köln (Hg.), Dancing Walls 2003–2006, Siegen 1000. 2007.


Galleri Image (Hg.), Tango Metropolis, Århus 2005.


Christopher Coppock (Hg.), Ozymandias, Cardiff 2003.

Wendy Klinkhammer u.a., Interaktiv, Siegen 2003.


Burkhard Arnold und Rainer Danne (Hg.),  Monumente, Köln 2001.


Thomas Kellner (Hg.), 11-Loch-Arbeiten 1993–1997, Siegen 2000.


Thomas Kellner (Hg.), Deutschland – Blick nach draußen, Siegen 1998.

Artist's original photo books

1996Fensterraeume, artist's book, 1996, 12 BW-prints 17,5 x 17,5 cm on 26,5 x 19,5 cm paper, edition 20, 10 sets spiralbound, 10 sets in portfoliobox
 Eine Schnecke auf dem Weg zur Kamera (A snail shell on its way to become a camera), artist's book, 11 BW-prints 17,5 x 17,5 cm on 26,5 x 19,5 cm paper, spiralbound, edition 6
1995Sixtorama, Portfolio & artist's book, 20 bw-prints from 1994, each 54,0 x 11,5cm / 21,1" x 4,5", edition 10+1


2006Hearst Tower New York, 2006, Portfolio Box with 7 prints, sketches silkprinted on each indiviudual cover in linenbound portfolio-box, edition: 5+2 AP
1996Germany – view from inside out, 1996, 54 bw-prints, 17,5 x 17,5 cm / 6,8" x 6,8", edition 5
 Germany – Border walks, 1996, 53 bw-prints, 17,5 x 17,5 cm / 6,8" x 6,8", edition 5
 Germany – border panoramas, 1996, 14 bw-prints, each edition 10
 Hotel room, 1996, 8 bw-prints, 17,5 x 17,5 cm / 6,8" x 6,8", edition 2
 Seen twice, 1996, 7 bw-prints, 17,5 x 17,5 cm / 6,8" x 6,8", edition 2
 Space between two windows, artist's book, 1996, 12 BW-prints 17,5x17,5cm on 26,5x19,5 paper, edition 20, 10 sets spiralbound, 10 sets in portfoliobox
1995Portfolio & artist's book Sixtorama: 20 bw-prints from 1994, each 54,0 x 11,5cm / 21,1" x 4,5", edition 10+1
1994Gorges du Regalon, linenbound portfolio box, 1994/96, 5 BW-prints 16,4 x 23,5 cm, edition 10+3
 Dying Nature, 10 BW prints, each 16,4 x 23,5 cm / 6,4" x 9,2", edition 10+3
 5 pinhole photographs from 1993 and 1994 in a self bound folio 30 x 20 cm edition 20+3
19925 BW-photographs, with an edition of 20 for my first solo show in Eschweiler.

Single special edition prints

201073#04 Siegen, Walzen Irle, 2010, C-Print, 8 x 11 cm, edition 50+5
2009Schacht XII, Zeche Zollverein 2009, C-Print, 7,8 x 10,5 cm / 3.1" x 4,1", edition 100+5
2008visitor Frank in front of a pink oval by Ruprecht Geiger at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Siegen, 2008 / 2011, 21 x 30 cm, edition 20+3AP, framed in a wooden boxframe with museum glass
2006Folio with 66#16, Mexico, Biblioteca UNAM 2006, C-Print, 19 x 24,5 cm / 7,5"x9,6", edition 100+3
2004facades, C-Print of the original frontside instalation file, 2004 30,4 x 8,7 cm on 30,4 x 21,0 cm / 11,8" x 3,4" on 11,8" x 8,2", edition 30+3
2002Arbor, mespilus germanica 2, 2002, BW-Print, 21 x 28 cm / 8,2" x 10,9", edition 10+3AP
2000Euroshredder: 3 special edition C-Prints from 2000, each 10 x 15 cm in a mat, edition 100

Offset Prints

2020Exhibition poster Tango Metropolis, Kunstverein Nümbrecht , 30 x 42 cm,  2020, signed
2019Exhibition poster 2019,  ,,Visuell analytische Synthese“, 30 x 42cm, signed
 Kellner, Küche, Bad, 42 x 59,5cm, signed
2014Berlin, Reichstag, 2014, Offset-Print 42 x 31,5 cm, , limited edition of 100, signed and numbered
 Basilius Cathedral, 2014, Offset-Print 42 x 52,5 cm, limited edition of 100, signed and numbered
2012The week before Sandy hit New York, 2012, Offset-Print, 60 x 21 cm, limited edition of 100, signed and numbered