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LiJie Liu  
LiJie Liu, Bejing, Peoples Republik of China Another Episode The real space in which I’m living is rather miscellaneous and seductive. It has gorgeous lights and shadows. Also it’s full of desires,…  
Aigner, K., 2001. Eikon 35/2001, p.77  
Verkh Isetskiy Metallurgical Plant 2  
Verkh Isetskiy Metallurgical Plant, VIZ Steel Ltd. The Verh-Istetsky Steel Works were founded by W. Henning in 1726 as an additional factory for the Yekatarinenburg Plant. Steel, canons and canon…  
Fresh Eyes  
FRESH EYES is about exploring, rethinking, and reimagining the city of Aarhus. International photographic artists and writers have been undertaking work for the project, which will culminate in a…  
June 6, 2020: Thomas Kellner at Kunstverein Offenbach  
Fluctuating buildings - Kellner delights in the Offenbach Art Association Offenbach. The Kunstverein in Offenbach opened the exhibition "Brasília - Betongewordene Utopie" with Thomas Kellner on…  
Hofmann, Julius  
Julius Hofmann Julius Hofmann (1840 - 1896) was an austrian historicist architect. He was born on 20 december 1840 in Triest. Together with other European and Mexican architects, among them Carl …  
Liu Lijie  
Liu Lijie: Another Episode Can photographs reflect our youth? Each photograph is another episode, perhaps just for me, or for many. Our youth has gone dry, like green moss under the sunshine, at the…  
Deyang Sechuan: Erzong Turbine Factory  
Deyang Sechuan: Erzong Turbine Factory >>> pricing for this image  
Koldbech Fich, Pernille  
Pernille Koldbech Fich, Copenhagen, Denmark Passing through Pernille Koldbech Fich likens Introducing Viola to a family story or a portrait of a generation: the subjects are all related, although…  
Photographie 11-2001  
Ostmann, S., 2001.Verkehrte Welt. In: Photographie 2001 (11/2001). p. 85. Verkehrte Welt Thomas Kellner liefert in seinem Bildband "Monumente" genau das, was von Fotografen sooft…  
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