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Chen Nong  
Chen Nong is presented in the exhibition Made in China, curated by Thomas Kellner  
hier und anderswo  
"hier und anderswo" heißt die Jubiläumsausstellung der ASK, Kunst in Siegen und Kunst im Siegerland, mit Thomas Kellner  
Portfolios 1990 – today 2015–2020 flucticulus, various artworks about waves 2019 Kiss of pink eternity, pinhole portraits 2018 The Borehole Tops at…  
blurred portraits  
about the impossibility of photographing identity: Quick Snaps This project started with one of the very first disposable, through-away plastic cameras. It was a Kodak Panorama, 24 exposures. How…  
quicksnaps 1991-1996  
quicksnaps 1991-1996  
prices dying nature 1994  
sorry, but this work was only once printed in an exhibitionsize. Ask for nowadays possibilities  
Contact Thomas Kellner  
Thomas Kellner DGPh Bluecherstrasse 7 D-57072 Siegen  tel.: +49 271 2383343 email.: tk[at] Galleries Australia Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney,…  
Thomas Kellner Studio  
1998-2019 the Atelier Friedrichstrasse,  home of studio Thomas Kellner till 2019, presented plenty of highly respected exhibitions and open studios. More than 300 artists from all over the…  
To commemorate the artist Theo Meier-Lippe  
Siegen. Theo Meier-Lippe was born on 17 February 17th,1907 in Hohenhausen in the district of Lemgo and died on February 1st, 1980 in Siegen. He is known for his paintings of landscapes, portraits,…  
Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazin  
The Most Desired Man “Photo-historian Irina Chmyreva describes him as the creator of a “visual analytical synthesis. “Like Paul Cézanne, he breaks down the object into atoms, then reassembles…  
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