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Cianni, Vincent  
Vincent Cianni, Brooklyn, New York, USA Vincent Cianni is a documentary photographer whose work explores community, memory, and the human condition through image, text and audio. Cianni holds an MFA…  
Nicole Tiller  
Nicole Tiller  
Edwards, Beth Yarnelle  
Beth Yarnelle Edwards, San Francisco CA, USA Beth Yarnelle Edwards has been making photographs in suburban middle-class settings in America and in Europe since 1997.  Her work has been exhibited…  
Fine Art Photography Commissions  
Take a look at the different pieces of work Thomas Kellner created during his career. These were all made on commission.  
November 21, 2019: Bibliophilous Exhibition at Lower Castle  
Siegen. On Wednesday evening, fine art photographer Thomas Kellner opened his exhibition Visual Analytical Synthesis in the sub-library of the University of Siegen in the Lower Castle. The…  
Jiang Zhenqing  
Jiang Zhenqing: clam fishers Shellfish and shrimp fishing along the Chinese coast go back over 6,000 years. As is common in China, it is many hands and not machines that do the work. Jiang Zhenqing…  
Zanier, Luca  
Luca Zanier, Zurich, Switzerland Luca Zanier was born in Zurich in 1966. After being trained in photography he worked as an assistant to numerous national and international photographers. Zanier then…  
Takahashi, Ai  
Ai Takahashi, Tokyo, Japan Ai Takahashi  lives and works in Japan. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Tama Art University in Tokyo and the Master of Fine Arts degree in Inter…  
Pascarel, Nicolas  
Nicolas Pascarel, Naples, Italy "Shorts cut memory" Cambodia It is about a work on the memory and consequences of that in the current Cambodian society. The photographic work is cut in three…  
Arbeiterfotografie 2002  
Fikentscher, A., 2002. after september 11th. Arbeiterfotografie, 25 (89), pp. 54-59 exhibition Steven Benson: After September 11 September 7 - October 18, 2002 Zentrum für Friedenskultur, Siegen,…  
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