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photo LA 2007 catalogue  
photo LA  
fotofest houston 2008 catalog  
Thomas Kellner Dancing Walls in: FotoFest Houston 2008 catalog >>> left page: 47#18 Genoa Palazzo Balbi Senarega 2005 >>> FotoFest Houston  
2003 Kunstgeld  
“Kunst Geld”, Art Edition 2, Hamburg, 2003 Oberst, C., 2003. Kunst Geld. Hamburg: Blauflug Verlag. p. 36. >>> Euro Shredder  
Aperture, 2003-01  
Aperture 2003-02: ALL FALL DOWN, Photographs by THOMAS KELLNER In 1997 I did a photo-project about the German border, using a pinhole camera. I had been thinking about doing a panorama of the…  
Big City Symphony at Kunstverein Aschaffenburg  
City Symphony Alfred Döblin's novel Berlin Alexanderplatz (1929) and Walter Ruttmann's film Berlin - the Symphony of the Big City (1927) brought the city in its diverse reality of life and…  
Current & Upcoming Exhibitions  
Group exhibitions 2021 Time out of joint 12th fine art award 2021 September 5 – 26, 2021 Kunstverein Wesseling, Wesseling, Germany   Kein Thema …  
Kunstverein Tauberbischofsheim  
“Who would have thought that so much wonder could still be created with straight photographs in a time given to digital manipulation?” Alan G. Artner, Chicago Tribune Kunstverein…  
Buckley, Brian  
Brian Buckley, New York, USA Lower Manhatten artist, Brian Buckley is using chemical photographic processes to create his images. His work involves Polaroid, gelatin silver prints, cyanotypes, model…  
photography-now 2004  
photography now 2004 Stein, C., 2004. Photography now. Journal für Fotografie und Videokunst, 1.04, p. 10. >>> Skyline at Brooklyn Bridge 2003  
Photographie 2004-01  
Sabiene Ostmann im Interview mit Thomas Kellner: Amerikanische Monumente, in: Photographie 1/2 2004 Ein "tanzender" Big Ben, ein in Fragmente zerfallender Eiffelturm - mit seinen "Dekonstruktionen"…  
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