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in focus Galerie am Dom, Cologne, 1999  
Baeume Aus dem Leben der Bäume August 6 - September 3, 1999 in focus Galerie am Dom, Cologne, Germany Participating artists: Frank Horvat, Arno Jansen, Thomas Kellner, Jörg Amsel, Susanne M.…  
in focus Galerie  
Icons & titles The in focus Gallery will open new gallery rooms on Saturday, October 12th, 7 pm - 9.30 pm with the exhibition: titles & icons: There are pictures that everyone knows. Whether you…  
agrodur, Germany  
Images for display at Hannover trade fair 2011  
Cullen, Betsy  
Betsy Cullen, Watertown, USA Lost and Found My images are self-portraits.  I’m in all of them. Each illustrates a part of me that I would prefer to keep hidden. This body of work is the closest…  
Hearst, New York 2006  
The Hearst Tower - art portfolio 2006 this is the artfolio that the Hearst Corporation did in 2006 you can also see Thomas' Portfolio on the Hearst Tower >>> TOWER: Idea Identity…  
Haibo Yu  
Haibo Yu: Artist Studios, Dafen oil painting village in China China produces everything, in large and of course, cheaper by the dozen. Haibo Yu allows us an insight into the artist studios around…  
49#22, Brasilia, Ermida Dom Bosco  
Brasilia, Ermida Dom Bosco  
Dunlevie, Kathryn  
Kathryn Dunlevie, Palo Alto, USA Two-time recipient of Arts Council Silicon Valley’s Fellowship in Photography, Dunlevie has always been intrigued by apparent inconsistencies in time and space. In…  
Goertz - shoes 2000  
Goertz fuer springer & jacoby  
Bürgerstiftung Siegen, 2010. Kunst zum Helfen  
Bürgerstiftung Siegen, 2010. Kunst zum Helfen Bürgerstiftung Siegen, 2010. Kunst zum Helfen. Kunstauktion zugunsten der Bürgerstiftung 2010. Siegen: Vorländer, p. 40.  
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