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Isis, Charise  
Charise Isis is a New York based fine art photographer  
Jockheck, Manfred  
Manfred Jockheck 1949 - 2015  
Jun, Lu  
Lu Jun is a Chinese fine art photographer, interested in traditional Chinese landscape paintings.  
Kantor, Loli  
Loli Kantor is a fine art and documentary photographer based in Fort Worth, Texas  
Kazakov, Rafaelo  
Rafaelo Kazakov is an artist from Bagota USA and his series rupture the urban landscape in Sofia  
King, Frazier  
Frazier King is a fine art photographer and collector from Houston TX, USA  
Klein, S. Kaye  
S. Kaye Klein, New York, USA The abstract black and whites nudes entitled "Body Memories" depict ambiguous segments of flesh in seemingly fragmented glimpses. However, upon closer examination, the…  
Kleynen, Thomas  
Thomas Kleynen is a German teacher and fine art photographer  
Klomp, Debra  
Debra Klomp is a freelance consultant, writer, curator and educator  
Klostermann, Antonia & Michael Hinz  
Antonia Klostermann and Michael Hinz are two German fine art photographers  
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