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In 2006 I was invited by Expansion to visit Mexico. I photographed fantastic buildings.

Grupo Editorial Expansión, Time Inc. Expansión, S.A. de C.V
president John Reuter and his assistant Carlos Pedroza invited me to photograph Mexico City.
With the great support by employes like Karin Mingoni and Pamela Ocampo I was able to photograph the most important monuments of Mexico City.

Grupo Editorial Expansion runs 15 magazines and reaches 5.3 Million readers through their magazines like: Expansion, QUIÉN, CHILANGO, VUELO, LOOP, InStyle, ELLE, BALANCE, Life & Style, Audi, Yachts, QUO, EXP, AMBIENTES, OBRAS, MANUFACTURA, IDC (Información Dinámica de Consulta)

The aim of the commission was for Expansion to be the first publishing my work alongside with an exhibition to be held in Mexico City



Palacio Bellas Artes 3















Monumento Revolucion






















Palacio Nacional 2







Catedral 2















Angel de Independencia 




















Torres de Satélite














Torre Latina
















Biblioteca UNAM 2 















Museo de Antropologia











Mundo Cuervo en Tequila


















Hotel Mexico
















Chapultepec, Recamara de Carlota





















Correos 2









































Basilica de Guadalupe 2















Bacardi @ Candela 














Theotihuacan, El Sol 1















Theotihuacan, La Luna










Popocatepetl 3