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Paris, Notre Dame

Paris, Notre Dame

The Notre Dame is one of the most famous cathedrals of the world and it’s located on the Île de la Cité, a small island in the centre of Paris. Bishop Maurice de Sully started the construction in 1163. The Cathedral was to be built in the new gothic style and had to reflect Paris's status as the capital of the Kingdom France. It was the first cathedral built on a monumental scale and it took until 1345 before the cathedral was completed, partly because the design was enlarged during construction. Notre Dame is 128 metres long with two 69metres tall towers. The spire, which reaches 90 metres, was added in the 19th century by Viollet-le-Duc. Other participated architects were: Eugéne Emmaunel Viollet- Le- Duc, Jean de Chelles, Pierre de Chelles, Pierre de Montereau, Jean Lebouteiller and Jean Ravy.

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