Brasilia a modern utopia and the architecture of Oscar Niemeyer

thank you to Karla Osorrio and her team at Arte 21 for supporting my work over the past 6 years. Now we are able to show a keypart of my work on Brasilia's 50th anniversary.


Up now I travelled five times for photographing to Brazil after meeting Karla Osorio 2004 at FotoFest Houston. In 2005 I was invited by Karla and Fotoarte Brasilia to show my exhibition "Tango Metropolis", to review exciting Brazilian photographer's work and I also had time to do some work.


Sorrowly time was very short and I wished very much to continue the work on the architectures of Oscar Niemeyer and the utopian city of Brasilia. That happened 2007 on my second invitation to Brazil. I was able to continue the work, but not finished. I went back several times in 2008 and 2009, always with the generous support by Karla from fotoarte.


Each time I had students or fellow photographers helping me to get around the city, specially Marcus Freitas and Ludmilla de Steckelberg were one of the most generous photographer friends helping me each time in Brasilia.Amanda Calluf supported me on my trip to Curitiba and without Andrea Mendes I would have never been able to work in Rio de Janeiro and Niteroi. There were many students each time supporting me to get around Brasilia, very special to mention Marcella Barreto de Paiva for her patience and support on my last trip to finish my work in Brasilia.


2010 will be the 50th anniversary. As soon as we have the scans we will put the finished work instead of location shots here. Take it as an advantage to see all the locations that I was able to work on in the past 5 years.