CuratorCurated exhibitions by Thomas Kellner

Jiang Zhenqing

Jiang Zhenqing: clam fishers

Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the coastline of northeast China possesses about 10,000 acres shallows. The shallows abound in clams, fish and shrimps. People made living  from the sea from neolithic age 6500 years ago till now, they also decorated their life with shells. Nowadays, people from the hinterland regious like Henan, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region sail out fishing on the sea.
It may happen that some day in the future there would be no fish here, no fishing boats and no fishermen. Nobody would came to worship the sea and no more noise or songs could be heard at this once prosperous seaside. It’s hardworking also ruthless plunder, it’s harvest also killing. I wonder how long the sea would sustain this.
Jiang Zhenqing