about the curator

German artist Thomas Kellner is known for his photographs of seemingly dancing architecture of tourist attractions from all over the world. He also writes for different photo magazines and curates exhibitions regularly, like at the “2nd International Industrial Photography Festival” (IIPF) in ShenYang, China. Led by the ideas to generate synergies, to build a stage for exchange and to serve mutual inspiration, he successfully initiates projects and events, like the “photographers:network” from 2004 – 2013. Further realized ideas are: Brauhausfotografie at the University of Siegen, “Kunstsommer” which is organized by the art society, two seven+, ars victoria publisher and recently the artcamp. He has taught as a visiting scholar in Gießen, as a visiting lecturer in Paderborn, and Koblenz and held presentations at various universities domestic and abroad. His curator activities are a part of his artistic creations and therefore are interwoven in his work as an artist.

Professional Work

2018Lecture at FH Niederrhein, Krefeld, Germany
Lecture and workshop, College of Art, Southwest University of Nationalities, Chengdu, Peoples Republic of China
Member of the Jury China Pingyao International Photography Festival, 2018, Pingyao, Peoples Republic of China
2017workshop Aarhus Kunstakademi, Aarhus, Denmark
2016Member of the Jury China Pingyao International Photography Festival, 2016, Pingyao, Peoples Republic of China
2015Teaching studio classes at Justus-Liebig-University Gießen and University Koblenz-Landau
2013Member of the Jury Canon Profifoto Förderpreis 2013 
Teaching workshop at NCCA and Metenkow House of Photography in cooperation with Goethe-Institute Moscow
2011Member of the jury Canon Profifoto Förderpreis 2011
Member of the jury Swiss Young Photographers Award 2011
2010Reviewer, FotoFest, Houston/Texas, USA
Chairman of the Jury in Pinhole Photography, 1. Lochkamera Festival Iserlohn, Germany
2009Lecture at Carl Ossietzky-University, Oldenburg, German
2008Teaching studio class at University of Paderborn, Germany
Chairman of the Jury in Art Photography, Photovisa, FotoFestival Krasnodar, Russia
Reviewer, FotoFest, Houston/Texas, USA
Reviewer, FotoBild, Berlin, Germany
Reviewer, Fotofestiwal, Lodz, Poland
Reviewer, rhubarb-rhubarb, Birmingham, England
2007Reviewer, FotoBild Berlin, Germany
Reviewer, Fototage Mannheim Ludwigshafen, Germany
Reviewer, Foto Arte Brasilia, Brazil
Lecture on Chinese photography at international Seminar Foto Arte 2007, Brasilia, Brazil
Teaching studio class at University of Paderborn, Germany
2006Reviewer, 1st Meetingplace FotoFest, Beijing, China
Portfolio viewing and careerconsulting at Fatamorgana, school for photography, Copenhagen, Denmark
Reviewer, FotoFest Houston, USA
2005Reviewer FotoArte, Brasili, Brazil
Reviewer, artphotofest, Bucharest, Romania
2003–2004Call for visiting professorship „FineArt Photography“ at Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen, Germany
2003Summer-Academy of Photography, Hamburg "Different Views of a City"
2002Summerproject photography at Weidigschule, Giessen, Germany
Teacher at Summeracadamy of Art & Photography, Hamburg,   Germany
1998Scientific Assistant at the University of Siegen, Project: Video Arts
Scientific Assistant at the University of Siegen, Project: Fine Art Video
Since 1997Freelance and artist, lives and works in Siegen, Germany   
1993 - 1996 Scientific Assistant at the department of photography, Prof. Juergen Koenigs, University of Siegen, Germany
Teacher for Seminars of Photography for Children, Kreuztal, Germany
Seminars of Photography for Adult Education Classes
1992-1993Scientific Assistant at the department of Experimental Film,  Prof. Heinz Pramann University of Siegen, Germany