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German artist Thomas Kellner is known for his photographs of seemingly dancing architecture of tourist attractions from all over the world. He also writes for different photo magazines and curates exhibitions regularly, ... learn more

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Thomas Kellner has been curating shows since 1993, like Photo Trouvée about still life photography, or From image to Icon The Masterclass of Fine Art Photography of Bernhard & Hilla Becher at the Fine Arts Academy Dusseldorf. ...Learn more

learn about Thomas' various projects

Projects have always been Thomas Kellner's method to introduce Fine Art and Creativity to his community. Like Joseph Beuys called everybody an artist in its political meaning, Thomas Kellner creates projects to influence his area with Fine Art and Creativity, which should be a center interest in every city. ... Learn more

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Media are frequently reporting about Thomas Kellner's curated exhibitions, such as PROFIFOTO, fotoMagazin and many others. Learn more

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press releases about curated exhibitions or personal exhibitions are sent out to local press and magazines on a regular basis. You can find them here or send me send me an E-Mail to get on that mailing list

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Thomas Kellner is connected to many artists around the globe. Here you can find many of there works and more information about each one.