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facades_instalation 1

interfering in the cityscape

Neuer Kunstverein Giessen

Thomas Kellner:  façades

28. February - 17. April 2004










The „Neuer Kunstverein Giessen“ presents  new work by Thomas Kellner.
Thomas Kellner, visiting professor at the Justus-Liebig-University in 2003/4, got internationaly known with his photographic collages of architectures. Again he dedicates a new project to urbanism and its perception.
Thomas Kellner wrapes the facades of the exhibition building with a veil of pixels . He covers the building with a reduced pictures of its self. On one hand he dematerializes the building and on the other hand he carries our second, paralel world of the digitala era into our immediate reality. He builds with pixels, like with bricks a new appearance to the building.
Like his other projects Kellner irritates the spectator in his perception. From a distance only the dimensions of the building may appear curios, but getting closer, the facades remove from their real visual identity. The façade becomes a picture, becomes pixels and the building seems to loose itself in cyberspace. Parts of the building, like the roof, or in other scetches balconies, remain real, are not covered. Picture and building, pixel and reality seem to exist at the same time in one place.


Ecke Licher Straße/Nahrungsberg