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Ffotogallery Cardiff, 2002

Cardiff, Capital of Wales

In 2002 I went the first time to the meetingplace of FotoFest Houston. Christopher Coppock from Ffotogallery Cardiff/Wales was one of the reviewers I met there. He invited me in 2002 for a residency in Cardiff and to photograph the city and it's buildings. In 2003 he gave me a great exhibition and a wonderful book "Ozymandias" with a great essay by A D Coleman.


Thank you to Christopher Coppock for inviting me to Cardiff, where I was able to do some great work. And also thank you to FotoFest  Houston for bringing such wonderful reviewers to the meetingplace, who can set milestones in an artist's career.


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Images that I created in this residency:

Cardiff/ Wales (2002):
City Hall,National Museum,The Keep /Cardiff Castle,Millennium Stadium,Pier Head Building,Norwegian Church,Cardiff Bay Visitor Center,Castle Tower,Gerling NCM,UGC Cinemas,Stadium House and Western Mail Millenium Stadium cross the bridge.

from Wales into England (2002):
Stonhenge,Lacock Abbey,Severn Bridge,Margam Castle.